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March 11, 1996

Heart Rate: 55 beats

That was done in the afternoon when I woke up about 1:00 p.m.

Gym Session

The work out I did today was a success.  I did a Back work out, followed by my Biceps and finally my Abs.  I did not feel the pulse in the back of my neck at all.  I was going to do Chest but I thought the past few workouts it had been worked out enough.  Instead, I will do Chest and Abs on Monday.

My workout consisted of these exercises and weight (I’ll try to remember all of my work out).

Back: First I did warm-ups and stretches.  I warmed up on the Bikes as usual for 3 minutes.  I warmed up on the lat pull-down machine and Seated Cable Rows for about 3 sets all up then I done some stretches and a Front Neutral Grip bar lat pull-down for another warm up.
Then I moved to the T Bar Row machine and used 40 pounds for my first set of about 12 reps.
Then I did 80 pounds for about 8 reps.  I lowered the weight to 60 pounds for another set of about 12 reps.
I then moved on to Seated Cable rows with a neutral grip.  I did 2 sets of about 12-10 reps with about 70 pounds on it.  I also tried another more outward grip for Seated Cables and done one set of 70 pounds and then moved onto Incline rows for one set of 40 pounds.  (Didn’t like the positioning of the legs).
Then I moved onto an exercise only known to this Gym in the Campbelltown area.  A Seated (on a chair) Lat Pullback Pulley Machine, which had two arm-reaches so I could use both arms evenly and I could also rotate the arms to any grip I wanted.  I liked this exercise so I did all up 4 sets getting up to 120 pounds for about 10 reps.
I also did a set of Wide-grip lat pull-downs with 70 pounds for 1 set (Due to holding the bar troubles).
I also did another exercise I think is for the back.  I’ll call it the Lat Pushdown Pulley machine.  What it is it’s like a Dip, but when you are pushing the bar your arms are on downwards instead of pushing off the bar with your Chest and Triceps muscles.  I felt this in my Lats indefinitely and also in my triceps.  I had done 3 sets going up to 180 pounds (I think), for 10 reps.
Trapezius: I then did my Traps for 4 sets of 10-15 reps.  My first set was with 20 pounds and my last was with 50 pounds for 10 reps.  I then moved on to my Biceps.
Biceps: I still had plenty of energy due to buying a drink and having a good meal before I got there.
I started with doing Dumbbell Curls for 3 sets of 10-12 reps and I done from 20 to 30 pounds each hand.
I then did barbell curls for 3 sets also doing 10 reps each with 30-40 pound bars.
I also done one set of preacher curls on a pulley system with 20 pounds.  I was stuffed.  Remember I was concentrating on the muscles being worked I could feel the muscle especially in the back workouts where I crunched my shoulders together without using my Biceps to lift all the weight.
Erectors: I did 2 sets of Back Hyperextensions for 20 reps each.
Abdominals: I did 3 things here, 2 sets of 25 reps for crunches also 2 sets of Lower ab crunches for 15 reps each and Rope Pulleys for my Obliques for 2 sets of 12 reps.  I cycled this so I did one of each exercise and then repeated this procedure.

Saying “Shit yeah!”  I went home.

Job Search

From the gym I went to the Austudy Centre to look for a job.  I found two or three good ones but all in all I got about 8 referrals.


I didn’t eat anything for about an hour until I got to the Solarium.  I bought 3 small potatoes and a small Seafood Salad and a Mild Strawberry drink.

In the solarium I had another tan.  I went for half an hour.  I can see a bit of results in my tan.

Return Home

When I got home I also made 2 tomato and Salami sandwiches and had 2 Bananas and also I had a milkshake with the new milk I ordered in today.

My abs already hurt.  My back is yet to come to terms with the overload.  I can feel it a bit.  I can also feel my Biceps a bit but they are not aching yet.

The time now is 8:41 p.m.  I’m going to eat and do my exercises and read a bit to learn more about food intake and muscle growth.


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