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Mad Chaos: Saturday, October 12, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Slow Computer Game Day

Today was another slow day.  I stayed asleep for a while because I didn’t have anything important to wake up for.  I stayed in bed until 11:30 am, then had something to eat, and spent half of the day playing the computer.  I got sick of that after a bit.

Ralf Spars With Me And Shawn

Then I went to see who was down Campbelltown and what I could do.  I went to see if Imad was at Dina’s house.  He wasn’t.

So I went towards Campbelltown and bumped into Ralf.  He was coming out of his driveway, and he parked the car.

We talked for a bit and we had a little sparring session.  He was doing some sparring.

Then Shawn dropped over and he stayed for a bit.  We started sparring with him.  Then Rory came down for a bit.  We had a bit of a laugh at him because he’s usually an idiot and he’s always with Palmer.  They left.

Ralf Ambushed By Samoans

Then this guy came down looking for Ralf because Ralf was supposed to have said something about a previous ex he was going out with.  The guy came with another Samoan friend ready for some shit.  Nothing happened but me and Shawn were ready to get into some action.  I don’t know about Ralf but I guess he was trying to protect his house and I would too.

Rory came one more time, this time while Keith was down.  He saw us and came down.  This time Rory had Janice in his car.  I really couldn’t care much about Janice or Harley.  It’s just I’ll put on an act whenever they come and talk to me.

Ralf is kind of anticipating getting together again to get some rapping done.  I’m sorta anticipating getting together too, but Jett hasn’t called me this week to get together and he knew when we were going to get together.

Shawn left a bit after Keith left.  I left just a bit after Ralf showed me his system and went to pick up Preston from the station.

Idle Back At Home

I went home, but there wasn’t (and still isn’t) much to do.  I just watched a whole lot of TV and tried to fix the mouse for my computer, but it failed when one of the wires came out.  It was the power wire.

I can’t wait to get my system up and running again.  I’m going to take it in on Monday in between lunch breaks.  When lunch comes on at 1:00 pm I’m going to see if Imad or Keith can come and help me out with my system.  It will most probably be Imad but if I don’t find him then it will be with Keith.  I’d probably want to go with Keith for some reason that I can’t really figure.

Tomorrow there isn’t anything that intense going on, so I don’t have anything to write about in that category.  On that note…


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