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Mad Chaos: Sunday, September 1, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I think my remembering daily activities in full and then writing them in detail is pretty good for me.

Yesterday I forgot to put up the date and all that shit.  I think I wrote it around 6:30 pm anyway.

Write Rap Lyrics

Yesterday after I wrote I came up with some good rhymes and played the piano too.

I also got up and done some Taekwondo and actually improved on some of my moves.  I had a good sleep last night.  It was a light slumber but when I got up I felt Anabolic.

Called Jett

I ate and then I waited, and waited.

Jett didn’t call me and neither did anyone else, so I put it upon myself to go to the shops and beep him.  He rang a bit later after that and said he was at Caitlin’s house.  Well that beat me up for the day, but after that – and a bit of a boring hour – I did have a good day.

Cruising Looking For Others

I went to see if Imad was at Dina’s house, and he wasn’t.

So I went to Campbelltown to see if anyone was there and Simon and Rory were working.  I didn’t stop for them.  I went to see Bình but he wasn’t there also.  When I started going home, Simon beeped at me.

Visited Johnnie

I then rode past Maura’s house and turned back and stopped there.  She was taping shit from a CD she stole, and we just had a conversation.

We went to Johnnie’s house and we stayed there for a bit.  He came out the back with me and we done the moves that I wanted to do and they worked pretty good.

Kayla was there.  Johnnie is trying to get rid of her now and she doesn’t like it.  We ate mandarins on his bed and then he went to drop off Kayla.

Johnnie’s Dad Gives Me Pep-Talk

I had a good conversation with his dad about work and I sounded so good that I amazed myself.  Even though I don’t have a job it didn’t seem to matter because he gave me some tips to get one better.

Planning Job Searches

Tomorrow I am going to the C.E.S to look for a job, and next Tuesday I have to see my case manager again, the dumb bitch.  If she gets me cancelled again I’m going to shoot the bitch.

I’m going to extend my search to Laboring and try to get an interview with Adia Centacom for Laboring.  I will try to get into office shit too.

Serious About Hip Hop

This rap shit better not be a joke for the others because it aint for me.  Tatton started it and he better not be fucking me around.  Someway I think that Jett is just going along with me not believing I’m serious because he thinks that his on-off girlfriend is more important than me.  That’s alright, just as long as he shows up next Sunday at my house, and same goes for Tatton.


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