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Mad Chaos: Friday, June 25, 1999

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

A Looming Club-Less Weekend

Tonight I have been stricken with laden restlessness, for I yearn these new clothes to breathe, but I say they shall not breathe inferior air tonight.

My wish would have been to head out to the city where these clothes would receive their warmest welcome, but none want to travel that distance.  They are too afraid, too anxious.

Campbelltown really is a hole that you can’t get out of.  And as much as I try, home is where the hypocrites are.

Forgone criticism that tonight yields me nothing but to sit in front of this computer, eager to head out somewhere but knowing that it will probably end up a club-less weekend.

The Options To Go Out

Just to recapitulate what was proposed; I could have gone to the movies with Jett, or I could have gone to Chevy’s nightclub with everyone else.  However, I called Jett for a quieter night.  But it turned out he didn’t have enough room in his car, and now I can’t get in contact with anyone who went out to Chevy’s.

I’m doomed to sit at home, but it is far better an option than to head to Chevy’s again.

Keith really knows how to kill something quickly.  In his mind he’ll kill an idea with repetition.  Just look at what happened with ‘Subway’, he killed it with repeated daily visits, and I was the one (as I will be with Chevys) to put an end to stupidity.

I hoped to ring Ilario and Kodey tonight to see if they wanted to head to the city but I never got the chance from work, and it was too late once home.

Therefore, I am destined to stay home tonight because I’ve started writing in my diary.  For so long, it has been a chance to procrastination, but now I can’t wait any longer.  I shall talk of my Thursday and today’s events in proper detail.

Thursday Going To Work

Thursday morning began for me as usual, around 6:00 am.  Although for the past fortnight I have been getting to sleep just before midnight, it hasn’t done that great a catastrophe to my frame of thought, or my day in particular.

Doing all the little tasks I have to do of a morning, I made my way out of the house and jumped on the regular bus.

Heading down to the station I found the timetables to be a little different.  My usual East Hills train had been cancelled for some reason.

As I walked to the information counter, I overheard the man saying that there was a train heading through the Bankstown line with no stops until Redfern.  This seemed to be the alternative option rather than waiting fifteen minutes for another East Hills train.

So after some hesitation, I jumped on and hoped for the best.

Seeing Jeni Harford On The Train

The train actually stopped all stops until Glenfield.  From there it seemed to have a mind of its own in terms of direction.  Taking a seat to the side of the doors, I sat there in my own little world, wondering if I would be late or on equal part with what would have been my normal train.

While in this pondering stage I looked over at a girl who was standing near the opening doors in her St. Patrick’s uniform.  For a split second I thought it was Jeni Harford.  Having a second look at her as she tried hard not to look back (fear of recognition) I became more cognizant to the fact that it might indeed be her.

The person I was seeing was a perfect example of Jeni Harford.  But what struck me curious was how she could possibly still be going to school, and what the heck was she doing jumping off at Glenfield?

For most of the trip I kept to myself.  In the chance that I did glance over at her, she never returned the favor.  It seemed to me that it was Jeni and she was avoiding eye contact.  That I can understand because when we have conversations they get all weird, and without the bulked quality that one would normally have.

Train Delays Due To Fatality

The reason the train was late was due to there being a fatality on the East Hills line, somewhere near Padstow.  As this became aware to us from the start of the trip, I figured our little trek past Bankstown won’t take all too long.  However, I thought too soon, as the train seemed to be traveling at the slowest pace imaginable after Glenfield.

The train didn’t actually stop too often but it was traveling so slow at some points that I could have walked faster.  No one was really impressed by the way Cityrail was treating the situation.  I was more surprised when we ended up heading past Berala and Ashfield.

Even though there were no stops, we slowed down long enough to pick up everyone on the route.  There were no mixed feelings, everyone was on the same level as me.

When 8:45 am arrived, the train was only heading past Ashfield.  From there the train resumed normal speed.

Jolana Has A Day Off Work

Finally reaching Wynyard at 9:05 am, I didn’t rush myself to work because I was already late.  I kept the pace up as I normally do.

I was a fair degree late to work for HIH Insurance as I walked in, but luckily Nirmala was the only one that I had seen on the way in and she understood my troubles as she had been late days before.

The day began with the knowledge that Jolana wasn’t in for the day.  In part, that meant no badgering voice of drilling perfection on our backs.  It was a day like any other but more calmed and laid back, as well as with more respect to do our work effectively because now we were without that knowledgeable hand of guidance.

I’m not too sure what the morning would have brought forth, but I do remember I bumped into Linh at the photocopier.  We made some uncertain plans of having lunch together.  Finally it looked like I was going to get the ball rolling by having lunch with someone from work.

Keith Is In The City

Shortly after I received a call around 10:30 am from Keith.  This is the second time Keith’s had the nerve to call me at work.  Even though I didn’t mind, he showed no decency or understanding that I had to work.  Nevertheless, Keith called to inform me that he was in the city with Shawn – who had an interview to attend.

Keith wanted to know if they could join me for lunch.  As I talked over what time I should head out with Nirmala, I agreed on heading out at midday.  Asking Keith to meet me out the front with his car at that time, we ended our conversation.

Because Keith and Shawn were in the City I couldn’t say no to their company.  Just to note, if I wanted to have lunch with someone, I now have the option of calling Harley, Merlin, Aleka, Linh, Jonas or even Klara – if I felt the urgency for some companionship.

I got back to work, as well as chatting with Nirmala.

Keith Insists On Coming Into My Work

Twenty minutes before midday I received another call directed to me from Keith.  Speaking to reception from downstairs, I was told how two guys were waiting downstairs for me.  As I talked to the persistent Keith, I told him to wait downstairs.

Keith had the nerve to actually ask if he and Shawn could come upstairs to my floor and wait for me, but there was no way I would allow that.  For one, I didn’t want to baby-sit the both of them and for another, it would look bad having the both of them there.

I knew the only reason Keith was being so persistent was because he wanted to check out the women I talk so genuinely about, but I was so against the both of them coming up with their rough appearance that I didn’t even allow them the knowledge of my floor.

Lunch With Keith And Shawn

When finally it was time for me to head out at midday, it was somewhat of an anticlimax to see them both sitting downstairs on a bench in the reception area, but those are my eager acquaintances.

Heading out towards Wynyard, as I asked Shawn about his interview, he told me how he drove his mum’s car to work, and because it was raining in Campbelltown, Keith couldn’t work.  Keith and Shawn both noted about my grandfather collar suit, which I bought eons ago with Klara.  They noted how they had never seen it on me before.

As we made our way to Wynyard I bought my usual sushi.  As I ordered Teriyaki and two sushi rolls, Keith commented on how I was all upper-class now.  He seemed to find it an amusing truth, as he noted it.  But as with my nightclub clothes and so many other things, Keith is only trying to demean my good fortune by making it seem like I was putting on a show.

Keith bought himself some Macdonald’s.  We then headed towards Martin Place – with some time to spare for eating.  I figured since I was eating with someone, might as well enjoy my food.

Sushi Lunch In Martin Place

Making our way to Martin Place, Shawn commented on how Centrelink didn’t pay him, but he had $250 in hand for selling his motorbike.

As the three of us sat down just inside Martin Place – where other workers were sitting at a building – we started chatting about ‘Hound Dog’ clothes.  Knowing he wants to get his hand on some, I offered to show him around.

Shawn kept bagging me because I was eating sushi.  He thought the rice was raw fish eggs, which was not true.  Despite my advising him that it was only rice, he failed to believe me, being squeamish just for the sake of putting up an argument.

Clothes Shopping On Pitt Street

After twenty minutes – and my stomach practically full with the last forced bite – by the eager call of Shawn to move on, we headed off towards Pitt Street Shopping Center.

As we walked through Pitt Street I noticed Tatiana Floros, Zenia (The hot blonde) and Kelsey walking together.  As Tatiana noticed me I looked at her, waved, and smiled at her greeting smile.  Who knows if she noted Keith and Shawn walking a couple of steps behind me, who knows.

Showing Shawn the different shirts and pants in Hound Dog, I took notice of a couple of items myself.  There were five different items that appealed to me favorably.

Shawn and Keith didn’t look like they belonged in Hound Dog, but neither did I a while back when I first set foot in their doors with Klara, and ended up liking the place.  Shawn didn’t want to try anything on because he didn’t have money, but I guess he’ll open up one day to a whole new world.

With only fifteen minutes to head back to work, I quickly showed Shawn ‘Gas Station’ as well as ‘French Connection’.  From there we quickly made our way back to Kent Street in the sprinkling rain.

Invite Aleka To Lunch

Walking across the street – as they continued back to their car – I made my way to the elevators at work.

While down there I bumped into Aleka who was just coming out of the mailroom and was heading for lunch.  As she stopped to talk to me, we just chatted away about where she was headed.  As the lift doors opened, I quickly added casually that we should have lunch together one day.  As she agreed, I jumped onto the lift and made my way up to our administration section with bettered news.

Cab Charge Ride To Barrister’s Offices

For the rest of the day at work Nirmala and I prepared some more brief updates as well as complete the outgoing mail.

Jack came up to us at one stage and noted that the brief updates had to be hand-delivered because there was a problem with DX.  That came as a little blow.  However, despite there being more than six updates, I found them to be to the same address, just with different barristers.  Therefore, when all was complete I asked Jack for some cab charges.  He handed them over with ease.

With a little bit of time to ease my day at work, I headed out to the front, hailed a taxi in the sprinkling rain and relaxed as he took us down Elizabeth Street.  Passing Klara’s work, I took a glance at the front doors and by chance or coincidence I noticed Klara, Sanya and the other blonde girl from her work walking in at around 4:00 pm.  For a second I felt slight envious loathing, but that passed quickly as we reached my destination.

Jumping out of the taxi and paying with cab charge, I headed to the barrister’s chambers, delivered all the documents and then headed back down the long-traveling elevator.

Catching another cab back to work I looked to see if Klara was at the front of her work, but there was no such luck second time round.

Heading back to work, Nirmala and I just tried to get the filing down, as there wasn’t really any pressure placed on us.

When the end of the day arrived, me and Nirmala set out together.  But once we were downstairs I parted to head for Pitt Street as Nirmala headed to Wynyard by herself for the first time.

Shopping In Hound Dog

Heading straight to Hound Dog without fail, I had come back to buy one of my favorites, but ended up buying a horde of clothing.

I picked each item that I found interesting.  Then after having a little chat to the Asian chick who worked there with a black shirt and a white tie (it’s all fashion) I headed into the change rooms.

I tried on five different items in many different sizes until I could finally get the right fit.  After all the swapping and choosing of clothing, I came down to five items I wanted to buy.

The first item was a Hound Dog jacket which is made of that polyester type material and hasn’t any warming fur.  It looked great when I tried it on.  I appreciated how there were two zip-up pockets on each side of my chest.  What’s more, they were concealed.

I also tried on a blue button up shirt.  I decided to choose one that wouldn’t be too tight around my chest.  It was excellent.

The third item on the list was a brownish-grayish shirt.  Normally I wouldn’t pick this color but it looked fantastic on me.

Fourth choice of the day was my favorite pick, a stretch shirt made of polyester (or nylon) which had a Petersham woggy-type look.  It was a black shirt but there was red across the Chest in a boob-tube type section.  Also, each arm sleeve had red running down with the black separated only by a thin white line.  It looked awesome!  What’s more, the neck was also red, which added to the alluring appearance.

Stepping out for a little, I was enticed into trying on a pair of pants I have always been wanting since having seen them.  They are the one-stripe Adidas type pants but the stripe which runs down the leg actually glows slightly.

There are not enough pages here to describe how perfect these pants are.

From the fabric that purposefully has creasing lines from the crotch down the leg when you widen your stance, to the pockets from the side of the thigh down to the knees which zip up and weren’t noticed until I just tried them on an hour ago.  These pants were perfect with the red and black top and add the jacket, you have a hot outfit I can’t wait to wear.

Chatting The Sales Girls Up

Stepping out of the change room for a second opinion, I talked to a black chick that was working there.  As she walked up to me, she looked at me with the small size and then the medium size.  We both agreed that the small was much better.

When I popped out of the change-room she looked at me as if she wanted to eat me, so it must have looked good.

Taking this opportunity to do my best at chatting her up, I noticed a band around her hips, which had ‘HD’ all the way around it.  Looking excellent, I thought it came with her pants.  But I soon found out that only people who worked at Hound Dog actually had them.  It was a union thing.

Pointing to the ribbon and asking about it, I ran my hand up and down the ribbon just an inch or two from her sensual dominance.  It felt good how she didn’t flinch or mind at all.

Nevertheless, as I walked back into the change-room, I had to make a decision on what to buy and what to leave behind.  Despite my not being able to get a staff discount, I decided to buy all five items.

Paying At The Hound Dog Cashier

Heading to the Asian chick up the front who now feels me part of the establishment of Hound Dog, we tallied up my bill.  The bill ended up being just over $300.  Altogether, just on clothing, I spent $500 of my money.  As I had placed $120 in my credit card Thursday morning, I had taken the most of it back out by the end of the day.

As I forked some of that out of my wallet and credit card, I pointed to the black girl and asked if I could be able to get one of those Hound Dog ribbons for myself.  Looking at me curiously she asked why I would want it.  As I noted, “Just for sport,” she snuck one into my bag of goodies.  “Don’t tell anyone I done this for you, you don’t know me,” she uttered.  “Who are you,” I said back to her.

The Asian chick was weary when placing the ribbon with Hound Dog written all around it into my bag.  She went to the extent of reminding me that if someone asked where I got it from, just to say that I found it on the street.

It’s great to have something at home that no one else would normally have.  An ally at Hound Dog is a great thing too.

Shopping In Politix

From Hound Dog I made my way to ‘Politix’ where I bought my pants for work, as well as place a lay-by on the jacket.  Trying them both on with a shirt I loved the feel and look of them together, I couldn’t wait to have them available to me.

The pants which I bought on Thursday were different.  They had four buttons instead of a zipper at the crutch.  This made for great fashion and a great investment.

Whilst there the guy behind the counter touched up my shoes again, but it didn’t help much as they were still creasing, heading to wearing away again.  Nevertheless, he told me that if my shoes done the same thing, to send them back to his store ,and he’ll supply me with brand new shoes.

Heading to the station after my shopping was complete I couldn’t believe that it was almost 7:00 pm, and that I had spent as much money as I did time in the city.

The Blonde On The Escalator

On the way down a long escalator I looked up to see who was heading down with me.  There, a few steps above me, was a blonde girl with her hair back in a ponytail.  As I looked up at the 22 year old she let out a laugh.  It seemed like she thought she knew me at first.  Then when she realized I was someone else, that laugh came out.

On the way down the escalator we had a little bit of a chat, but in the end she headed one way disgraced and embarrassed and I filed off the other way.

Capturing The Beautiful Moon Above

Catching a normal train home I made it back to my house around 8:30 pm.  As I headed home, I quickly took out the camera and took two pictures of the night sky in the backyard.  The moon glowing with a yellow ring through the clouds looked too good an opportunity to pass up.  I just hope they turned out.

From there I sat down, counted up all my spending, my losses.  Then while drawing up my plan for the next fortnight, I began typing in my computer.

My night ended around 11:30 p.m. as per usual and that is where my Thursday ended.

Planning For Kangaroo Valley

The time now is 12:30 a.m.  No one has called me or decided to come pick me up.  With my eyes gaining a tired wink, I shall revert to my bed for some slumber now but hope that I don’t get woken up too early tomorrow morning to head for ‘Kangaroo Valley’ – if it’s still on.

If I wake up early enough tomorrow morning I can finish off the chronology of tonight and that will be that.  Let this weekend not fall into shambles, because I want something to remember as we scoop up the privilege of next month, and what I can gain from it.

There will be lots of plans, lots of celebration and lots of spending, that’s all I can say right now about next month.

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