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Mad Chaos: Saturday, January 4, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

While I was writing the last entry, as usually happens, five cars came over my house and they wanted me to go out, so I had to turn it off.

Drive To Party In Minto

Drivers tonight were Ralf, Rory, Jaromir, Silvester and Ned.  We left for a party at Minto that Parker knew of.

We got there, and the party had some hotties in it.  But we didn’t fit in, so me, Imad and Silvester left to go get some shit for when he moves tomorrow.

We left for his ex girlfriend’s house.  He loaded the boot with clothes and shit.  Then we left for the party again.

When we got back to the party I was more relaxed and got along with our crowd.

Imad came out with us because I went to his house and he had a squabble with his woman.

Staying at the party for as long as we had to, we left shortly after.

We drove to Woodbine Macdonalds where some people ate.  From there, everyone was going home.  We dropped Imad off.

Visit Carey

Then we left for Carey’s house.

Marzio Salvatici and Kane Hampson were there.  We talked to them about bashing Kobi, about Rory and dumb ass, and shit like that.  Marzio has himself a pretty done up Commodore with Mazza on the back of it, tinted windows, the whole lot.

Deciding Between Kathryn Or Phoenix

Kathryn is supposed to come over tomorrow.  I’m expecting Phoenix to call me up while I’m with her to tell me either good news or some bad news.  If the news is bad then I’ll go on and try to please Kathryn, but if the news is good then I will not have a sexual relationship with Kathryn because I think that me and Phoenix will be strong for long.

I’ve got the mouse from Imad, so I might play some computer games before sleeping.  After all Kathryn is coming over around 11:00 am.  I’ll be sleeping, so we will sleep together, but not do anything, just for the sake of having someone next to you while you are sleeping.

It’s comforting.

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