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Mad Chaos: Monday, January 6, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I’ve started to feel tired now because of having 5 hours of sleep yesterday.

Passionate With Kathryn

Kathryn came over my house at 5:00 pm.  At first we talked to break the silence, talking about shit.  Listening to music was nice and relaxing, and did we do a lot of relaxing tonight!

I asked Kathryn for my kiss.  It escalated from there into a very passionate night.  This time we went a lot further than the last time, but we still didn’t frolic in the day – not that we were really ready for it.


I gave her lots of pleasure, and she turned me on at times.  Near the end of the day we were talking dirty to each other.

We also talked about going to the movies and making out, doing it on the train, and hiring a room for us to stay there overnight.  She wants to stay over my house one of these nights and she doesn’t care what her dad says.

After lovemaking she left at 7:30 pm. She’s starting to think about us already, crazy talk, and it will escalate later on within her stay down here.

We are going to fuck soon.  I told her to ring me tomorrow around 12:00 pm.  Let’s see if she does.  Today didn’t have what I needed to make it very passionate, so it’s good we are saving it.

Keith Drives Us To Campbelltown

Then Keith came over to drive us to Campbelltown.  Nothing was happening down there.  The only excitement was picking up Dina and taking her to her house.

I’ve just been listening to CDs and playing the computer, and anticipating the next time Kathryn and I get back together.

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