Mad Chaos: Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Last night I didn’t get much sleep, because I had a throat problem and had some phlegm that didn’t want to go all the way down.  Plus, on top of that, it was raining hard last night.  I didn’t get to sleep until 3:30 am.

I got up at 9:30 am and had something to eat and drink.  Half an hour later I went back to sleep, not getting up again until 1:30 pm.

Listening to music for most of the day, I was getting ready for gym, but Keith didn’t ring me, so I didn’t know if he wanted to go today.  Getting dressed in my cut-off shirt for gym, I left walking in the wet.

Gym Routine

exerciseI didn’t think Keith was coming so I started my gym workout.

Warm-up: I stretched on the bike for 4 minutes and 30 calories were burned.  I’m going to try another form of warm-up that will involve the upper body on upper body days, maybe really light warming up for the upper body.
Chest: On this body-part I started on Peck Deck with 50 pounds and after a warm-up, very slowly pounded 15 reps.

The next set was on Bench Fly’s and I done 12 slow warm-up reps with 25 pounders.

My first heavy set was on Bench Dumbbell Presses and I tried out 70 pounders and I was fascinated that they came out easily with me doing 8 reps.  I could have done more reps if I didn’t concentrate on stretching the Chest at the bottom.

My next set was a heavy Bench Press and I got a person there to spot me with 150 pounds and I think he spotted me just a bit from the first rep but I did manage to get out 8 reps and on the 9th rep I conked out and my body failed.

After that I tried using Seated Machine Bench Press with 160 pounds but 2 reps was all I could do and I didn’t count that as a set.

The next set was done on Dips.  I managed to do 9 dips concentrating on form.

My last set was on Cable Crossovers with 50 pounds each arm and it was very stressful to my already stressed muscles but I managed to get out 12 reps in standing and bent positioning.

Latissimus: Things were going well so far with me starting with a warm-up on Seated Cable Rows with 50 pounds and doing 15 reps.  The next set was with 110 pounds and I managed to do 12 reps and my body was full of blood and my Biceps aching.

The next two sets were with One Arm Dumbbell Rows and with 80 pounds for the first set I managed 10 reps each hand.

Today my left hand not like normal was weak and with a 70 Pound Dumbbell I managed 10 reps.

The last set was on Wide Grip Pulldowns and with 70 pounds on the Stack coming down a bit of weight I managed 12 reps.

Biceps: Two very hard sets were tried here and it should have been easy but it was pretty hard for me starting on Alternate Dumbbell Curls.  Trying out 45 pounds each arm was smart at the time but after only 2 reps I dropped to 35 pound Dumbbells and done 5 reps sitting down and a few more Hammer Curls standing up.

Lastly, I moved to Standing Cable Curls opting for something easy but that isn’t what I got with 50 pounds on it and doing 12 reps.  I wanted to stop at 8 reps but I kept on going.

Triceps: I haven’t established a base for my Triceps yet and I haven’t put much consideration into the exercises for this body-part, and how to go about doing them.  So I did 2 sets of Triceps Pushdown.

Starting with 50 pounds I done 10 reps and thought it was easy enough so putting the weight up to 65 pounds I repped out 10 more reps before moving on.

Forearms: One set was all that set me over the top with 50 pounds fixed for Seated Wrist Curls and doing 15 reps.  My forearms were aching now and I done 5 more reps with the weight I had totally abolishing the muscle.
Shoulders: It wasn’t over for the Forearms as they had to grip on two 40 pound Dumbbells for 15 reps of Shoulder Shrugs and that was the last set of the day, I was drenched, I was thirsty and it was time to go pig out.

My workout was for 45 minutes only.

Keith And Tamsen Come Over

After my workout I found out that Keith rang my house 15 minutes before I came home.

Keith rang the Gym and got Valerie to go look for me, but obviously, she didn’t find me.  Keith rang me a bit later.  I told him that if he wanted to go I’d go with him.  He said he would, but half an hour later he came over with Tamsen and he said it would be a waste of time to go.

So tomorrow we are going to the gym, and on Thursday I am going with him to the gym.  I’m giving him my gym pass.  He has to pay for me on Saturday or I won’t have any money to work out.

Tamsen Introduces The Dancer Girl

They are coming back with pictures of Warrawong, the girl that is called Naomi and the one that is a dancer, the one Keith and Tamsen want me to meet.  Keith and Tamsen are coming back with pictures of her in a white swimsuit that you can practically see through.

She sounds very inviting.  Her man is supposed to own a solarium in his house, and other neat items in his house, the rich bastard.

Now I am gearing up for some GP.  Then I’ll see what happens after that.

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