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Mad Chaos: Thursday, December 5, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Body Aches And Pains

Today I woke up without a slight headache at 7:00 am in the morning.  I stayed up and ate an actual meal.   Half an hour or more later, I slept.

Waking up at 12:00 pm, I woke up with a very sore neck on the left-hand side.  That is my sternocleidomastoid.  My left knee had a slight hump and bruise.  Apart from that my hand is still badly gouged from the bike crash, and my shoulders ache from when I did machine ab crunches.

Skillshare With Keith

Today Keith picked me up around 1:30 pm.

employment studyWe drove to Skillshare so he could get his resume done.  I took my resume down to get it redone.  While I was there I saw Janette.  She is moving in one week for another job.

From there we dropped off at Keith’s house and Tamsen went to work.  I ate some of his bananas before we left for a drive.

Pizza Hut Deliveries With Rory

We left for my house.  We sat there for a while.   Then we left for Campbelltown to check if Rory was down at Pizza Hut.  He was there.  We drove with him on some pizza deliveries.

After that Keith and I drove back to CES so I could check for a job.

Interviewed For A Job In Homebush

Luck had it that I found one that job was around Homebush.  I got it.  I rang up.  Hopefully it is history from there.

employment studyThe interviewer asked me, “Have you ever been committed to anything?”  This is part of getting me into this job.  I replied by telling him I was committed to getting a job as a clerk or typist.  He liked my response so much that he put me onto a job in Homebush that no one has gone for before.  If they like me, then they will keep me on.

Parker Inspects A Cordia Turbo

From there we saw Parker looking at a Mitsubishi Cordia turbo with sick mags parked on Moore Oxley Bypass at the Catholic Club.  Parker has put $200 as a deposit on the car already.  Hudson and Jaromir don’t think his loan will come through.

Me and Keith walked around Macarthur Square for a while looking for Rory.

Then I came home.

Planning Ahead

Tonight I am going to get out Mavis Teaches Typing and practice on that to get my speed up.  Tonight I will also get into muscle magazines and updating my gym poundage increases into the computer.

Tomorrow is gym.  I have to pick up my résumé from Skillshare.

I am gonna get an earlier night tonight.

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