Mad Chaos: Thursday, December 19, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Tabitha Spreads A Rumor

Last night Rory came over my house at 9:00 pm.  He told me that Tabitha has been going down to Pizza Hut a lot lately, and she has been asking about me, saying that she got onto me on that night.  I wouldn’t do much with her because she is way too clingy, but I wouldn’t mind trying with her friend Phoenix.

Rory Drives Over

Rory drove over to my house.  Rory has put a 4 inch muffler on his car.  He now lives at Kearns just out at Raby.  We all went there later to see where he lived.

Keith Drives Over

Keith came over my house while Rory was here.  Keith brought my bike back.  Tatton also came with him.

Rory left for home.

Cruise To Campbelltown

Then we drove to pick up Tamsen.  We then drove to Campbelltown where we saw Miroslav in Pizza Hut.  They came out, and so did Silvester.

Me and Tatton jumped in with Silvester because Keith was going to go home, which he didn’t.

Bump Into Lotus In Caltex

From there we went to Caltex for a while and saw Yunus there.

The thing that gets me is I saw Angel walking with a girl and it ended up being Lotus, who I dated once or twice and met on the train.

They were both fuck drunk.

Lotus said that she didn’t model anymore because she was getting fat, and she was pregnant.  That got me thinking when she left, what would have been different if I stayed with her?

Silvester And Tatton Prank Rory

After she left, the boys talked for a bit more.

Then we went out venturing for Rory’s house.  When we got there Silvester and Tatton got out of the car, got Rory’s trailer and made a huge noise getting it down a gutter while trying to tie it to Silvester’s car to tow.

Meanwhile someone was at the door.  It looked like Rory’s mum.

On top of that, they were pulling on the trailer so much that they couldn’t stop it in time and it hit Silvester’s car and dented it.

Tatton got stuck in between it and was screaming “Silvester!  I’m not in.  I’m stuck!”

I thought it was funny how Silvester was going to take off without him, and we wouldn’t have picked him up… Ha ha ha.

Tatton did get in his car.  We drove back to Campbelltown where everyone called it a night, except for me, Silvester and Miroslav.

Causing A Muck With Silvester And Miroslav

Basically we went out and pushed Carey’s bins down.  Then we did burnouts in patches off grass all night with Miroslav driving Silvester’s car.  He did done some sick ones.

We got bogged in Minto where the football fields are.  Me and Silvester had to get out and push the car for ages until we got it unbogged.

Keith Borrows My Gym Pass

Keith came over my house today a few minutes before I started this entry.  He got my gym pass.  Him and Hudson are at the gym now.  I’m going to go down and see how they are going, or maybe I’ll just stay here and wait for them to come back.

Keith told me that he is going to get me some pictures of Tamsen’s dancer friend Ryder (which is her name spelt correctly).

I’m waiting to see that.

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