East vs West

Mad Chaos: Sunday, December 22, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

It just struck me that this year is almost over.  I never realized how close we are to a New Year.  I guess when you go out every night, you just start counting days and not realizing it.

Watching Fights At Chevys

The other night, we drove to Chevys again.  We watched a fight or two out the front.  Then we left for home.

Play Basketball With Jaromir And Kofi

I woke up today at 1:00 pm, as such.

While I was writing the journal, Jaromir came over my house with Hudson and Kofi in the car.  They wanted to see if I wanted to play basketball with them, so I turned the computer off and left.

We played Basketball for 2 hours with Kofi Kariuki.  He is somewhat taller and is now rapping amateur in clubs.

I hadn’t eaten anything except for a meat pie, but today my body came out very big and built for some reason, probably because I lost fat and got cut quick.

Thieves Steal From Tod’s Car

Jett came over my house while I was gone.   He told me that Tod’s car got followed home around 5:00 pm and got broken into by a white Commodore with a half role cage and gold Simmons.  They took his stereo and Taco.

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