Mad Chaos: Monday, December 23, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Christmas Shopping With Keith In Macarthur Square

Keith picked me up.  We stayed at my house to watch Ricki Lake for a while.  I had a shower and then we left for Campbelltown.

Taking out my money from the bank, we drove to Macarthur Square for some Christmas shopping.

After an hour or more of looking, I bought black Keppers and a blue shirt to go with the Keppers.  The shirt is Nike and looks good with a Nike Symbol on the back and one on the front, but when tucked in, you can’t see the emblem.

Both of us got frustrated because there were a lot of people shopping, it was overcrowded, and we don’t like shopping.

From there I got just a little to eat.

Gym Routine

exerciseThen we drove to the gym for our workout.  I saw bouncers from Chevys there.

Warm-up: Consisted of 4 minutes on the bike and burning of 25 calories.  The stretching was alright but I couldn’t stretch my right arm properly and it was still stiff.  I am feeling good pain in my left arm already.
Chest: I done a bit more for Chest today doing about 8 sets and starting on Peck Deck with 50 pounds and 20 reps.

The next warm-up was on Incline Fly’s and with 25 pounders done 12 reps.

The next warm-up was on Bench Press with 80 pounds and I just done a few reps to get the Triceps warmed up for the next set.  With 150 pounds stacked up I didn’t feel up to par but Keith gave a spot and I screamed out 7 reps with 3 spots to finish off 10.

The next set it was put down to 140 pounds and after the first rep Keith spotted me enough to get out 6 reps from that set.

I also performed a set of pushups before doing heavy Bench Press.

Next set was on Cable Crossovers and with 50 pounds each hand I done 12 reps in a standing and bent over state.  My Chest was very pumped by this stage and I weighed 74 Kilos – even though I didn’t eat anything before working out, just drink.

I did a set of Pullovers also with 60 pounds and I performed 12 reps.

Last set was with Incline Smith Machine and with 80 pounds loaded I tried to do a set but I had to stop twice and I got at least 4 reps out.

Latissimus: Starting on Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns with 105 pounds for a warm-up I done 15 reps then stepped to Seated Cable Rows with 110 pounds and I managed to do 10 reps.

The next set was on Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns and with 70 pounds I once again performed 10 reps.

The last set was on Close Grip Lat Pulldowns and with 110 pounds I managed at least 10 reps.

Biceps: Starting on Standing Cable Curls with 60 pounds I performed 10 reps and I was very pumped.

The last set was Alternate Seated Dumbbell Curls with 35 pounders and I done 6 reps before moving weight down to 20 pounders and doing 6 more exhaustion reps.

Triceps: This was pretty straight forward with Tricep Pushdowns on 50 pounds at first doing 15 reps.

The last set was with 60 pounds and I done 8 or so reps then dropped back to 50 pounds to do some more reps.

Forearms: Brachioradialis work was on the Agenda with Reverse Curls with 50 pounds fixed and doing 12 reps.
Shoulders: Last set of the day was Shoulder Shrugs.  With 40 pounders I done 12 reps.  I could have gone further but didn’t because my tits were showing out of the singlet.

Starting with my next Upper body workout I am going to go medium weight and do around 20 reps per set.  I will take them to failure doing things like Exhaustion Curls for biceps and other vein-popping exercises.  That should get me out of my over-training plateau and onto new ground.

I don’t need big at the moment.  I don’t need to increase weight too soon, so that’s what I will do.

Organizing Another Séance Tonight

After that Keith dropped me off.  I ate some food.  Then Tatton called me.  He wants to do another séance tonight.  He was spun out by the séance that we did last night.  So me and Keith devised a plan to freak them out.

Tonight we might be going to Camelot to do a séance with Miroslav and Jaromir, and whoever comes with me and Keith.

I need to go to the toilet now, so I guess that means goodbye.  But let me say that I will have some Kathryn this weekend.

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