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Mad Chaos: Thursday, November 14, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Bump Into Dina

Yesterday after the last entry I went to Johnnie’s house after a suntan and a shower.  I went to Maura’s house.

On the way I saw Dina at the bus stop.  She was going to meet Imad at work.  She had X-Rays of her uterus and shit like that because she had her periods 2 weeks before it was supposed to.

Maura’s House With Linda In A Bikini

Clayton came out after she left.  I went over.  He has Glandular fever like the rest of them.  Maura then came over with Linda (The one that me and Keith dropped home after they went to Chevys), and Brock.

Johnnie went to some water hole to swim.  I stayed over Maura’s house.  I think Linda liked me because she was in a bikini with a pretty alright body and nice tits.  She was paying a lot of attention to me and herself.  She tried to show off in front of me.  If I got onto her then she would have too, but Brock likes her, so I don’t touch… yet.

Johnnie came back a bit later.  I talked to him and then I left for my house.

Brock came with me because he wanted to see the speakers in action.  While he was listening I was eating upstairs.

He left a bit later.

Macarthur Rams Team Gridiron Training Session

Then my dad gave me a lift to Gridiron.

There were 14 people that turned up to gridiron.  We had a real good training session.

exerciseThere are a lot of good players on our team.  The line is huge.  The running backs are great (Tatton is one and this huge Samoan is half back).

I was playing receiver.  Apart from me, we were all good.

The Quarterback is Yoram.  He can hurl the mother fucker ball far.

Gridiron finished around 9:30 pm.  We got a lift home by one of the coaches.

Tamsen’s Dad Berates Me

I ate some food at home.  Then I went to call Keith.  He was coming up my street so I got in.

We went out to see who was out.  No one was out at first.  Miroslav rang him, but he was going home, so Keith went to drop Tamsen off.  We went inside because Keith was giving me a lesson in his SSS.

We went in to get L plates.  I went to wash my hands in the kitchen sink because I was patting the dog and my eyes were irritating me.  Tamsen’s dad went off at me.  I apologized and he kept on going.  It wasn’t really that bad but Tamsen was real angry at him and had an angry face on her.   We stayed there for a while.

Then we left.

Driving Lesson In Keith’s Pulsar SSS

Keith gave me a lesson.  I drove from Tamsen’s house to Berenice’s house.  I went up Queen street.  I stopped at a set of lights.  There was a car behind us.  I panicked and the car stuttered but didn’t stall.  I got the car going but it was pretty humiliating.

We drove around for a bit and then I went home.

Hand In Dole Form With Keith

Today I got up at 6:30 am because my nose was blocked.  I couldn’t sleep.  In the kitchen, I had something to eat and drink.  Then I came back down to sleep.

I slept until 10:30 am.  Then I woke up.  10 seconds later Keith drove up.

employment studyI dressed up and got my dole form and drove to Campbelltown.  I got my form out of the way first.  Then Keith went in to look for jobs.  He got two referrals and he is going to one of them.

After that I went to see how much my bike rim will cost to fix.  It is only $12 or thereabouts.  That means I can get that home speaker system book and read up on speakers.  I can get myself something extra too but, I’ll see what happens.

We bought ice cream, saw Rory and then he took me back home.

He went to drop Tamsen off at work.  Then he is coming back around 3:30 pm to go out again.

Right now I’m going to eat and play computer.

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