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Mad Chaos: Sunday, November 24, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

My hands are a bit rubbery right now from having a shower.  My thought and concentration isn’t that good.  That means I need some food.

I haven’t written some good, long entries for a while, so here goes, starting from yesterday.

Rory Picks Two Girls Up

Yesterday after my entry, Rory came down.  He was with Miroslav and Jaromir.

Rory had 2 chicks in the back of the car that he had picked up from the bus stop.  Palmer was with him.  They were going to get onto them that night.

Ride With Miroslav

I got in with Miroslav and then we ventured off to Campbelltown, and onto some parties.  We stopped off at Macdonalds because Aubree called Rory.  We were going there so she could come (one of the Goon Girls whom I call G-G now).

We were going to a party that was on in Ruse.  On the way we saw Cory.  He did a U-turn to come with us.

Parties In Ruse

The parties didn’t look that big.  We went inside of one of them, which was basically most of the people of Mandy’s party.

We then ventured off to the other party on the other side of the fence.  This was a bit of a rough house party.  Sigma driver Clark was there.  So was Arnold Sage, and a fan of other criminals.

I was with Miroslav, Hudson and Jaromir.  We just stood there on our own.  I found out that a guy was talking to Hudson telling him that I was a homie.

A Party Of Yobos And Skegs

The party was obviously Yobo and Skeg.

There was an old fart at the party that was putting me down in front of Miroslav, saying I was a bum for being on the dole.  He was drunk and somebody’s dad, so it was wise not to hit him.  I was giving him filthies.  The drunk idiot sort of backed off.

Then a little later we left.

Cruise To Campbelltown

Driving to Campbelltown, we lost Aubree and Kobi.  We drove to Queen street.

We saw Miroslav ‘s woman walking along Queen Street near the old library, so we stopped her.  She was with her friends and Sama, whom I think is up herself and snobby.

Using A Loudspeaker On The Drugged-Up Woman

The highlight of the stop was when an old, fat lady around 40 years old stopped.  She was on something because she was zoned out.  She came up to the girls in a short skirt, obviously turning tricks.  She complained that someone was following her.

After about 10 minutes of listening to her crap, I started abusing her.  We got out the loud speaker and made her believe the cops were after her.  Everyone was laughing at her.  We even got the cops to stop next to her.

After that she was trying to get a lift home.  She was hailing cars down.  Most people stopped and talked to her.  After the girls left we drove past her once more to see some people talking to her.  We got out the loud speaker and abused her some more.

We then got some McDonalds trash and threw it at her laughing some more.

We turned the corner, got some more shit ready to throw, and got up beside her again, throwing shit at her again.  We had a big laugh, and then left for the party again to see what was happening.

Big Backyard Brawl Over Thrown Bottles

We got to the party.  People were throwing glass bottles over from Arnold’s party to the other.  It hit some person in the head and went into the pool.  Then a feud started over the fence.  People started throwing punches.  A real big brawl started to unfold.

All the girls started crying.  Our group was just walking around surveying.  I knew that someone would come to the gate at the front.

We stood for a while.  The other party and some cut throats came to the gate and started tearing at it wanting to get one guy inside.  Miroslav jumped the fence and got on the other side.  Then Hudson walked through to go home.  Me and Jaromir walked through, so did some other people.

Police Paddy-Wagons Called To Brawl

That’s when a huge fight started with a glass bottle being broken on someone’s head, a girl being punched, and ten people kicking into someone on the ground, while punches were everywhere.

Our group was just sitting back in the safety of cars watching the brawl.

Miroslav called the police.

The fight was stopped by about 7 Paddy-wagons, one station master car, and an ambulance was present.

Rory had taken the two girls somewhere.  I found out that they went to Simon’s house because it was free, but they didn’t have sex or do much.

Cruise To Chevys

Shortly after, we got in our car, and left for Campbelltown.  We stopped at Chevys for a while until everyone started walking out.

Chevys was pumping with women.  The perve was tremendous.

Maura was there, drunk as usual, and so was Monica.  I talked to them for a bit.  Maura stayed with me because her friends left without her.

There were some good fights happening outside of Chevys.  Some guy just came out and punched another guy, giving him an instant bleeding black eye.

After all that excitement, we drove to get newspapers.  Then I got driven home.  The leftover papers were left on Keith’s lawn or his next door neighbor’s lawn.

Last night I didn’t get to sleep until 6:00 am.

Hip Hop Session With Tatton

Today I didn’t wake up until 12:30 pm.  In the morning I got called by Keith, and he was going to call me back.  Tatton called me up too, and he was going to call me back.

When I actually woke up, I ate.  Tatton called me a second time because he had a beat in his head.  Then he came over.

When he came over we played the piano, fucked around with beats, got some raps out, and taped some of it.  Then we played some computer games and watched some Game Tapes.

While we were still watching Game Tapes Keith came over around 7:00 p.m.  He gave Tatton a lift home.   We then went to see Rory at Pizza Hut.

Drove To Pizza Hut And McDonalds

Aubree was down there with the G-Gs (Goon Girls).  Kobi was there and also Ned.

From there we went to McDonalds.

After that we went to the drags.

Drove To The Drag Races

I believe that today was the most pumping night for the drags.  I saw 2 runs tonight in only one place.  An hour into it, we decided to go home because Keith was getting bored.  I was getting tired, so he dropped me off.

Playboy 1994 On TV

Now it is past midnight.  There was a Playboy thing on TV just then that I stopped to watch.  Playboy of 1994 was on TV.  There was so much nudity.  I couldn’t believe it.  She was a honey too and looked like the bitch on my wall but with more makeup on and brighter hair.

Now I am going to eat some food because I am hungry.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow Keith is going to come over so we can go look for some jobs, because he has to go anyways.  That is a good deal since getting there early on Monday secures me an interview if it is a new vacancy.

Right now I need a part time job until the new year is over, and new jobs come tumbling in from all sides.

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