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Mad Chaos: Sunday, November 10, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Shawn Comes Over

These days I’m writing early in the day and explaining it the next day.  Why?

Yesterday after my last entry, after going to the gym with Keith, I listened to some music.  Nothing happened way until 6:00 pm when Shawn came over my house to see what’s going on.  I was watching “movies” at that time and he caught me by surprise.

I talked to him for a while.  He was going to the 21st that my brother was going to.

Brodie’s House Party

Keith came to my house a bit later.  Then he went to pick up Tatton, and we went to the Fisher’s Ghost Carnival.

We got out and I went for a circle before getting back in the car to go to Brodie’s party.

At Brodie’s party there were some people there, but not enough for a party.  We didn’t do much that night but we watched Major Pain, and they all loved it.

Cruise To Campbelltown Chevys Nightclub

Keith left to drop Tamsen off,  He left Tatton at Brodie’s house for a while.  Keith came back but Tatton got a lift back with Ralf.  Ralf went to Chevys.

Me and Keith went down to Campbelltown to meet Miroslav.  He called us up and was coming down to Queen Street where we were.

I saw some nice skirts coming out of Chevys.  We saw Shawn and Ralf coming out.  We left a bit after that and went home.

We stole some newspapers on the way home.

I didn’t get to sleep until 4:30 am in the morning because I read one newspaper before sleeping.

A Choice Between Gridiron Or A Movie

I’m getting a good tan now and my body shape is coming back to me.  I’ll be a lot better come Kathryn.

Brodie rang me about half an hour ago.  He is getting a movie and he wants to watch it at his house.  I have to go to gridiron today at 5:00 pm but I might watch this movie first, or see what it is.

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