East vs West

Mad Chaos: Saturday, November 16, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Bradbury Shops Public Phone Making Phone Calls

Last night after 8:00 pm I went to the phone at Bradbury.

I tried to call everyone.  Keith’s mobile phone was off, so he was bonking.

I tried to call Rory but his mobile wasn’t working either.

I started walking home and saw Ned’s car pulling into Brodie’s house.  I went up there.  They were just leaving, with Ralf driving his car.  They were going to Campbelltown McDonalds.  I told them that Keith was picking me up and I’d see them there.

I went back home to see if anyone called.

Then I went to the shops to ring again.  The same shit happened, so I went to go home.

Driving With Gerard

On the way I saw this guy called Gerard that knows Brodie, has a shaved head and drives his mum’s car.  He picked me up because he wanted to know what was going on, because nothing was going on.

I told him to drive to Campbelltown.  We checked out all the lookouts down Campbelltown.  At first we didn’t see anyone.  I called Miroslav.  His answering machine came on so I left a message for him to call me.  It turns out that Miroslav called around 10:30 pm.

Meet Group At McDonalds

We were going home but Gerard went to McDonalds.  We saw Ned’s car there.   We parked and everyone was in Macdonalds.  Bình, Shawn, Leroy, the Goon girls (but not Tarina) and lots of other people including Kobi, Cartman and others.  We stayed there for a while.

Drive To Menangle

Then we drove to Menangle where we stopped to congregate.

Gerard was trying to chat this chick up with real big tits but not a good face and fattish.

I listened to Ralf talking about humans using 5% of their brains, and if we used 100% of our brain power we would be gods!!?

Kobi burned out around the roundabout rocks and then popped his tire.  He had to put on a spare and it had a mean bubble in it.  Cars were hailed down because we didn’t have all the tools we needed.

After that little glitch we went back to Campbelltown and did nothing.  Everyone was going home.

Elderslie High School After-Party

I rang up Rory because it was time to ring him.  He was going to pick me up, but then he told me to go home, and if anything happens he would pick me up.

I went home.  Then I found out Rory met up with Miroslav.  They went to the Elderslie High after-party where there were supposed to be models there.  They were all hot but they were all potting up.  That shows me to never believe that line again.

Visited Berenice’s House

Today I woke up around 11:00 am because I was lazy.  I ate what there was.  Then I went for a walk to the phone.  Once again no one’s phone was on.

I walked to Berenice’s house.  No one was there, so I went back home.  I had something to eat and went back out again towards Campbelltown.

I went past Ralf’s house.  He was sleeping at 1:30 pm.  He went with Rory last night and they got back home at 5:00 am.  I missed out on something big last night.

Hang Out At Pizza Hut

I went to Pizza Hut.  Rory was there.

I then went to get my bike rim.  I caught the guy on closing time.  The bike rim only cost me $10.

I then returned to Pizza Hut and stayed with Rory and Saha, Palmer and Wilma was with us.  We were paying out on Wilma, just talking, chilling and going on deliveries.

We saw Miroslav on a delivery and we told him about the party at Brodie’s house tonight.  He is going there around 9:00 pm.  That gives me a bit of time to eat, get ready and have some sleep.

I might go to Berenice’s house later and get her to do my hair in a plait so I can put my hat through it.

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