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Mad Chaos: Monday, November 11, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Watch Movie At Brodie’s House

Well, that was a relatively short entry for yesterday, but it hasn’t ended yet.  I have to stop writing late about what happened.  I have to try to give facts on the same day but I’m always busy and out late.

Yesterday, after the last entry, I went to Brodie’s house.  We watched Broken Arrow with him, me and Ned.  The movie was pretty shit.  We had a good laugh at it.

Then Ned gave me a lift to Campbelltown so I could do gridiron training.

Macarthur Rams Gridiron Training Session

I saw Tatton on the way and stopped off with him.  We walked there a bit early but there were some people already there.  This year we have three coaches, the head coach, defensive coach and offensive coach.

I have a good feeling about this year’s team.  We’ll come at least second on the charts because I am more aware now as a player and more mature to play the game.  The side is pretty good too.  We have both the big players for the line and the fast receivers that can catch.  We just don’t have that good of a quarterback yet.

We didn’t actually get out the tennis balls.  We done normal training as usual, and done some offensive and defensive work.  I figured that I want to be a fullback, running back for the offense or a linebacker on the defensive side.

I don’t want to be a receiver because I couldn’t handle the ball properly.  I wouldn’t mind being a tight end because that position is just like the running back, instead that he catches the ball instead of receiving it.  You know what I mean?  Well I do anyway.

Visit Tatton’s House

After training we got a lift to Tatton’s house.  I drank tea there.  A bit later I went home via Airds.

At home I ate food.  Then Keith rang me up to see what I was doing.  He came over and picked me up with Tamsen.

Drive To The Street Drag Races

We went out to the drags.  Miroslav and all that were down there.  Also, Bình, Shawn, some of the girls, plus Brodie, Astor, William and Cartman were down there.

We went around to two or three drags.

Visit Tamsen’s House

Then we went to Tamsen’s house.  I got to see the inside of her house.  It was very big with a lot of room to move.  Her dad is a fruiterer and they get a bundle of money.  She showed me some music scores that she had because she used to play the violin.  She whacked on some classical music, and fed me too.

She let me take some bananas home.  She gave me about 8 bananas.  We ate them on the way home.

Keith had a little argument with her while he was there, and ignored her.  He did it because she was supposedly shutting him out while I was there, and not paying attention to him much.  He says she complains when he supposedly does it, so he just wanted to get back at her or something.  He left without saying a word and she ran in the house angrily.

Keith And I Look For Rory

After we dropped of Tamsen we went to see where Rory was.  We tried Berenice’s house but he wasn’t there.  So we went to his house and woke him up.  We then went back to the drags where Miroslav was waiting for us.  We talked for a bit and then left to go home.

We went for a drive up to where Miroslav had to drop off Hudson.

Then we went to Keith’s house to get his form.  Keith asked me to hand in his form tomorrow.  I guess I owe him a favor or two.  He gave me the movie back too and dropped me off home.

He is going to go have sex with Tamsen tomorrow, so I guess that’s his apology.

Planning Ahead

I gotta set my clock now and go to sleep so see ya in the next entry.

I don’t think I am going to get this job at Sydney now, so I might as well go for some more jobs tomorrow.  I also still haven’t received my reference from Mila at Elderslie High School.

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