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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

H.E.L.P Course

employmentToday didn’t go very good and didn’t start well.  I got up and I had to go to the course, so I got ready for it.  I got there 10 minutes late with my ponytail done up.

We then went up to the CES and looked at some jobs there.  I found one and got an interview for it.

We then went back to class and I worked on the computer a bit.

Then we went to Pizza Hut to have a free lunch on the government.  All the class went there and it wasn’t much of us either but Carmen was there.  She is a pretty sarcastic and weird person and she’s sort of like Carey but not as bad as her.

Interview In Padstow

After the lunch I rode home and had something to eat.  I got ready and went to the interview.  I didn’t have my good luck charm on at the start of the day and I forgot to put it on when I left for the interview.

I saw Saha and her sister the nicer one down at the station sitting out the front waiting for Sonya.  I went to check what time the train would come and I was already late so I went to talk to Saha again.

Like I say I am a pretty good talker and smooth it through the conversation.  I don’t know if it was what I was wearing and how my hair was made up but they were listening open-eyed to me.

Kayin came (Lành’s woman), and Sonya still didn’t come.

We saw Sonya get off the train and then I went to the other side so I wouldn’t miss mine.  I told them goodbye.  Then I saw Sonya coming down the stairs and we exchanged some words.  I then caught my train and I was alright.

For some more bad luck, I actually missed Padstow.  I had to stop at the next station and go back a station.  I got there 10 minutes late.

employmentThen it took me 20 minutes to walk to the place.  For more bad luck my hair was fucking up.  My hair would have looked shit, and the interviewer didn’t treat me that good.  I know that this job is not going to be mine.  I was sent in there and I was sent out just as quickly.

Bad Luck On Train Home

For some more bad luck, I went to catch the train and I caught one to Sydney and didn’t realize until I got to Bexley North.  I went back to Kingsgrove to catch my train, and this spastic dude that I didn’t really mind stopped and had started looking at me.  Naturally there had to be conversation so the talking started with me.

I was there talking to him about 10 minutes.  He didn’t know anything.  He only knew that he liked my hair.

The train came and it was boarded without the other guy.  It took me home.

Play Gridiron With Tatton

I sat behind some chicks and I thought it was fine.  They did go to Campbelltown but, when I got off I couldn’t see them anywhere.

After that little encounter I went home and had some shit to eat.  I put on my necklace.  Then I found out that Tatton called me up, so I changed clothes, and went to his house.

He didn’t go over to Nina’s house.  He says he’s going tomorrow.

We played a little gridiron and then I left for home.

Sherry Calls

I got home and found out that Sherry rang me up.  She said she would call me back up but, she hasn’t called me up yet.  If she calls me up then I’m going to find out what happened with the girl that called me up.

Rory would have done something to the Madlyn or Alison on the night of Brodie’s party.

I have nothing much planned for the rest of the night so let’s just see how this shit comes together.

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