Mad Chaos: Thursday, October 31, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Find Rory At Berenice’s House

Last night after my last entry, Keith came over and picked me up.

We went out again to look for Rory.  First we went to Berenice’s house because that’s where we thought he’d be.  Well, we were right.  We stopped in there for a while.

We also had Tatton for a while.  Tatton was getting excited because we told him we’d hook him up with Berenice.  He was all excited and shit, but nothing happened.

I kept turning Rory ‘s alarm on and off from inside.  Keith and me were cackling ourselves.  Rory caught on and I stopped for a bit.

Valerie wasn’t there but Carey was, and some guy from Queensland that was down to see Valerie, an old friend.

Gnome-Napped And Shaq Basketball Rings

We left in Rory ‘s car.  We done some gnome-napping.  Our first load we took to Berenice’s house.  Valerie was there this time.  She gave me a hug and all that.  We left a bit after that.

We gnome-napped some more, Shaqed some rings, scared some people, and spent a long time.

Hang Out At The Road Pantry

We stayed out till 1:00 am in the morning doing shit.  We went to the Road Pantry in Leumeah.  I rang 000 for fun and called them on a Honda Prelude that was making too much noise, which was Rory ‘s car.  He got scared and went home.  Me and Keith laughed at him some more.

Me and Keith went for a quick drive.  Then we went home.  When we dropped the last of the gnomes off, I talked to Valerie and got Berenice to tie my hair back.  The guy that was down here and was stoned was sleeping in Valerie’s bed with her, but I don’t really think she’d get onto a smelly motha fucka like him.

Rory’s Valiant Has A Prang

I didn’t go to work today.  I called them up telling them this morning.

Rory rang me up at 9:00 am.  He told me that someone broke into his Valiant, took off the handbrake and rolled it into the side of the Prelude.  I myself think that it was Lance Graves and a couple of his mates, but you can’t be sure.

A Job Interview

employment studyI got an interview for 12:30 pm today.  Keith was supposed to come over but he didn’t.  I rang Keith’s number and Rory but they were both off or not available.  So I went to ring for an interview.

I got dressed up, tied my hair back, and left for the interview.  I walked down and caught the train.  It took me ages to get down there but the interview was worth it.

The interviewer was a nice guy.  I was very good with words and showed him that I had enough experience and would love to have the job.  We had a big, old talk.  He walked me out and he loves his handshakes.  This place gives good offers, like a day off every month so you wouldn’t get too stressed, and other good shit like that.

I tried to walk around Sydney after that but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I went home.  I tried calling someone again but no one was available.

Rap For Miroslav, Hudson, And Bình

I went to Bình’s shop.  Miroslav and Hudson were there with Bình.  We had a big old talk – all of us for about half an hour.  Then we went for a walk to pay off a bill for Bình.

Miroslav had to pick up his girl, so I went home.  Bình urged me to get back into rapping because he believes in me and thinks my raps are good.  When I rapped for them, Miroslav thought I was sick too.

The Shakeup Of Sound Stream Hip Hop

On my way home I came up with some shit and wrote it down.  Now I’m happy and want to get it rolling again.  Someday, the group will get going, but the group will be all different people.  I don’t see Tatton or Jett being in it but I see Ralf and Kofi being in it more than the others.

Now I’m home after a rapping session.  I’m going to go down the shops and ring Keith.  If he doesn’t answer, I’ll call Rory and then Tatton.

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