Mad Chaos: Thursday, October 17, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Drive To CES With Keith

I had a good sleep last night.  I went to sleep before 12:00 pm, or a bit after it.

I woke up at 8:00 am, then went back to sleep, and woke up at 10:30 am.  I got some money, went to the shops, and rang Keith, because I had to hand in my form and he was going to help me.

employmentKeith came over a bit later and we went down to hand my form in and look for jobs.

Meet Tatton

I saw Tatton and he came to the CES with us.  I saw Bane there too and talked to him for a bit.  I looked for a job.

Then we went to the bike shop, because Tatton found $50 on the ground and he gave me money to buy myself a tube.

Imad Gossiped To Valerie

We then got dropped off at my house and we watched Friday.  When that was finished I went to the payphone at Bradbury to ring Valerie.  The Bradbury phone was taken for a while.  I went to Hoddle Avenue on the phone there.  It wasn’t working, so I went to the one in Campbelltown at the front of Level 18.

I don’t think that Valerie went to school today because she said that she was sick.  I don’t know if she wants to see me but I found out the problem.  Imad said to her something about me and her bonking.  She took it badly and that’s probably half of the problem.

I asked her if she wants to see me.  We arranged for tomorrow, but then I got in for tonight.  I’m going to go over there and try to save what we have so far.  I don’t care if she got onto someone that night, but she says she went out with her mum, and I guess that could happen.

I don’t own her and we aren’t committed in anyway but I’m going over there at 11:00 pm. tonight in around 2 hours.  I hope there is nothing wrong because I do want something with her.

Watch ‘The Show’ With Tatton

After I called her up I went back home half an hour later.

I got home and Tatton was watching ‘The Show’.  He left a bit after that.

Jett rang us up while he was here.  We are getting together on Sunday but I ain’t going to do anything on the computer because they aren’t trying at all for this little project called Sound Stream.  I don’t think this is going to go anywhere with them two but I could take it somewhere because I believe in myself.

Planning The Year 12 Farewell Muck-Up

Tomorrow I’m going to the Graduation for year 12.  When Lành  gets up we are going to throw thongs at him.  I think it is going to be a crack up and we’re going to be the only idiots there making noise.  We’re going to make noise when Dina gets up there and start clapping loud with applause.  I don’t know what we are going to do when Rory gets up but it’s going to be very hilarious.

Planning Finances

Well look at that, I’ve already written a page already.  I am going to the gym with the money I am getting tomorrow.  I’m going to pay for the service on my system too.  Then I’m going to get a mouse with the leftover money, or a CD.

I can’t wait to start going to the gym again because it is calling for me, it misses me.

Preparing To See Valerie

It’s 9:15 pm now and a bit less than two hours to go before I go see Valerie.  If Berenice is going to be there then it is going to be harder to get alone with her for some private talk, and also with Carey.

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