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Mad Chaos: Sunday, September 15, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hip Hop Group Penning Lyrics Session

I have not got much today except for me waking up at around 10:00 am when Jett knocked on the window and the day began.  He came in and then about 5 minutes later Tatton came in and the day really started.

We started by just revising some of the lyrics that were put into it the beats over the week.  Then we went outside to write some new lyrics.  Out the back there was a wasp.  They were scared of the wasp so I got out the Mortein.  Before I came back, Jett had hit it with his hat, and it was angry.  We went outside and we spent 30 minutes trying to kill the wasp, and it was chasing us.

We eventually came out to the front of the house with the chairs at the garage.  We came up with an ending to the Induced Lunacy track with 3 verses added to it.  That took about 2 hours.

We then came inside and practiced rapping by rapping to a rap that you knew.  We all done it.  I can say that we sounded better than last week.  We did sound pretty good.  When Jett goes to buy his microphone on Thursday afternoon we’ll sound better when we get together.

Public Address System On Wish List

I still want to get that 100-watt Public Address System (that’s what it’s called) that allows us to use it as a mixer for 3 Microphones and 6 connections from outside sources.  That is altogether only 6 connections.  If we get a tape-deck player at my house, then we can get to business.

I am going to ask someone about that 100-watt mixer that I need.

I think Jett’s system can connect to shit but I’m not sure yet.  We still have to go see a place for recording shit.  That will have to be on a weekday and within a month’s time.

Jett’s woman called and I told her he wasn’t here, like he said.  Then he left a bit after that.

Our Group Is Better Than “046”

Jett is getting his microphone on Thursday.  We opted to get together on that day, as well as on Sunday, I think.  We had a good time when we were doing the shit.  It’ll be more together on Thursday and Sunday.

The more we practice the better we get.  We’re already better than the local rap group “046”.  I’m going to come up with shit about that group tonight to put them down.

Planning Ahead

I am going to anxiously await that letter from Kathryn tomorrow.  If it comes then I have something to put in my wallet.

I am going to my interview tomorrow.  When I ring Tatton up from my interview he is going to buy a microphone to test at my house.   After that I go to the gym for my heavy leg workout.

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