Mad Chaos: Saturday, September 28, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Rage, TV, And Video Hits

Last night I watched Rage and they had some pretty funny shit on it.  There was a rap group on it and there was a midget singing the shittest raps you could think of.

Last night was an okay sleep but I got up and my neck was a bit stiff.  Out of that I didn’t go to the gym, or that was part of the reason.

I got up and watched a bit of Video Hits and then went to eat.  I spent most of today playing some computer and watching the TV and eating.

It started to rain later on in the day today.

Police Summons Me To Court

Nothing much happen today.

Oh yeah.

The cops came today about me having to go to Court about that argument with my brother.  They gave me another letter and I’m starting to hate cops a bit.

Tatton Calls

Tatton called me up today asking about what’s going on tomorrow.  No one was to be found because Imad didn’t come to see me and Keith wasn’t home when Tatton called him, so some people really don’t care much but for their lives.

If nothing is happening tomorrow and we don’t end up going there then I’m going to ride to my thinking spot and just check it out and think about a variety of things.

Hip Hop Solo Session

I done a bit of rapping tonight but not much.  We’re going to get together on Monday to do some shit.

Thinking Of Writing Kathryn

I was thinking of sending Kathryn another letter – this time with a $5 phone card in there so she can have no regrets about ringing me – but I’m going to see what happens and if she writes back to me.  She is ringing Nina tomorrow and I hope she talks to her and I hope she’s gotten my letter already.

Water Bed Is Full

The water bed is reached its peak heat and it’s nice to sleep on it now because I get better sleep on it than a normal bed.

Planning Finances

When I get my next pay I’m going to buy that Mariah Carey poster if they still have Mariah in Sanity.

I’m going to halt going to gym next week mainly because Imad suckered me of the money that I needed to go there because he needed some petrol, so now I’ve only got $5 left and I guess I’ll buy that phone card.

Reading My Horoscope

It’s going to be good to read this newspaper that comes tomorrow under my Stars, cause I’m looking forward for Sunday to come for some reason.

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