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1996-Meal Plan-024

Mad Chaos: Wednesday, August 14, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hard To Find Work

It is hard finding work these days and it is going to be harder working in one.  I asked the guy at the solarium if he had anything going.  As I expected, he didn’t.  It made me feel a bit down.

Female Bodybuilding Posters In Cash Converters

I started the day at around 10:00 am after waking up around 4 times at night.

When I was awake I had my first meal of the day.  I didn’t really have much to do, so I went down to Campbelltown to Cash Converters to see if the posters that I need were in there.  I found 3 woman posters worth $8 each.  I’m going to go back and tell them to sort through the ones that are only $2 and find all the women bodybuilding pictures I can get.  I think it will brighten up my room a bit.

Kathryn Received Gift

Well, Kathryn should have received the package by now.  She will find out soon that I got her age wrong on one of the cards.  I’m thinking of the worst she would think at one moment, and then I’m mellow.

Gym Results

Apart from that, my workouts are getting better and I can already feel my back and rear deltoids a bit.  My biceps are now 13 6/8 of an inch big, bigger by 1/8th of an inch.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then it is back to 2 more days of intense exercise.  I am taking more Multivitamin Tablets during the days now believing they will speed up the process in my body.

My bodyweight went up today again and it is now 72.8 Kilos.  It’s gone up around half a kilo.  Tomorrow I should be within the 73 Kilo mark and by the end of the week hopefully I will be around 74 Kilos.

Gym Routine

exerciseI went to the gym about 3:30 pm and it took me around 45 minutes to finish.  Here’s my workout.

Warm-up: Like I say, I don’t do any more bike riding so instead I just stretched my back a bit and then I started.
Latissimus: I started on Barbell Bent-over rows and with 50 pounds fixed, I done 30 reps with variant grips.  I then changed to Widegrip Chin-ups and didn’t do too good because of my grip and I ended up doing 2 reps then stopping.  I paused got a grip and done another 4 more reps.  I didn’t really count that as a set but it was.

I then got onto T-Bar Rows and put on 140 pounds and found it too heavy for me after one rep so I put it down to 120 pounds and done 8 hard reps.  I then put the weight down to 100 pounds and done another 8 reps.  I done one more set with 40 pounds and doing a warm-up set of 12 reps.

I then jumped onto a bench to do One Arm Dumbbell Rows and got a 80 pounder and started.  I done a good hard set with good form and done 8 reps loosing grip only once.  I then thought to put the weight down but, that’s not what mass is all about so I kept it at 80 pounds and done 8 more reps.

Triceps: I then got ready to do some Triceps and for my warm-ups I done some Close Grip Bench Presses and with 40 pounds on the bar I done my first warm-up doing 30 reps and around the 20th rep it got really taxing.

My second warm-up was with the same weight and I done another 15 reps.  I then started heavy on Dumbbell Overhead Extensions and with 60 pounds just finished up doing 8 reps.  I feel that this done with shit form stresses the shoulders a lot more hurting them.

I then tried the barbell version but I used a straight bar and with 60 pounds fixed I done 5 shit reps before putting it down and substituting for doing 8 reps on Lying Tricep Extensions with the same weight.

I counted those two sets as one set and then proceeded with an extra set of Dumbbell Overhead Extensions going with the natural 55 pounders and doing 8 reps.  The last reps was actually a half rep from fear I wouldn’t finish a whole rep.

Deltoids: It has been a while since I have actually stressed the Delts Primarily and it showed when I took my shirt off and looked at my Physique.  My shoulders were coming out pretty good and so was the rest of my body.

I started by doing a warm-up of Shoulder Shrugs and with 35 pounders done 30 reps mostly with my forearms flexed to work the wrist flexors and the forearm flexors.  It was hard doing this.  Then my second warm-up was Dumbbell Overhead Press with 30 pounders and after Triceps it was really hard because of the tax I gave to my Triceps.  I done 15 reps and then I went and done.

I then picked up two 25 pounders and done a set of bent over dumbbell rows and I actually completed 10 reps.  My last set was with the Barbell Push Press and I started off with a 60 pound fixed bar and I done a test rep and found it too easy.

I then put the weight up to 80 pounds and waited a bit and then started my set doing about 3 reps and dropping the weight for a bigger weight.  I was going to go for 90 pounds which would have been the more appropriate weight but I got the 100 pound fixed bar.

I then got up and done 8 hard long reps and I believe this is the set that stimulated my muscles and testosterone in me to get big.

Well I am certainly going to get bigger after tonight, and tomorrow is my rest day, so what to do?  I might go down to Cash Converters again and tell them to sort through the posters and find me some good shit in there.

After the gym I went to the solarium and got pretty tanned.  I am scheduled to go back there on Friday.  Also on Friday I have to see my Case Manager.

Meal Plan (24)

Here is my Dietary Intake plan for today.

Meal One: Ham and Pea Soup,  300g Yogurt.
Meal Two: 125g Pasta Twists,  1 Banana,  Orange Juice.
Meal Three: 100g Fish,  Meat Pie,  500g Chicken,  Orange Juice.
Meal Four: 2 Tuna Sandwiches,  500g Steak,  1 Litre Milkshake.


Calories: 4429
Protein: 426.5 39.5%
Fat: 115.5 24.3%
Carbohydrates: 428.4 36.3%

Well, that’s that for today.  May tomorrow bring more healing for me.  Hopefully, if I weigh more than 74 Kilos by Monday morning, then I can lift those 80 pounders for Bench Press on Tuesday.

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