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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, August 6, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

My Olympic Dream

Monday was so hectic that I just forgot to write in it until now.  I was all messed up in the Olympics and happiness in playing the piano.

To me, I believe that I will be a part of the Olympics in some way.  Being in the stand isn’t good enough for me.

Olympics Closing Ceremony

Today was the end of the Olympics and the Closing ceremony played today.

I got up at 12:00 pm and turned on the TV to watch it.  I was astounded by the array of talent.  I shed a few tears by the way it was all brought together, and also by the 10 year old girl singing “Tears Of Joy” with 600 other students of different cultures.

What really made me sad with affection was the way that they got the whole crowd to stand up and wave their hands in harmony by just holding one of the participants’ hands.

I really liked the Classical song that was played at the end when the credits were rolling.  It set me alight.  I learnt to play that song well as well as the song the 10 year old was singing.

With the money that comes in this Friday I am considering buying an Olympic Song CD if there is one, and the scores for the songs that I like.

Gym Routine

exerciseAfter that sorry display I ate, and then headed off to the gym.  Now it’s time to write my Gym Program.

Warm-up: My warm-up was actually around 3 minutes and 25 calories.  I stretched my Chest a fair bit and also my Triceps and back a bit also.
Chest: I started with a warm-up set on Peck Deck and with 40 pounds, I done 15 reps slow and easy.  No stress as I walked to the next exercise spot which was Incline Dumbbell Fly’s.  I got 20 pounders and done 15 reps stretching at the bottom.

I then got into the more serious shit and started on Incline Dumbbell Press and with 70 pounders as starting weight, I done 8 reps before conking out.  I didn’t have the spark in me so I dropped weight to 60 pounders and done myself another 6 hard reps.

I wasn’t doing that good so I tried something new and walked over to the Dips and done 8 dips with no weight.  I decided to get some weight for this and put 20 pounds between my feet and done 8 more reps.

I then walked back to the Benches and got 70 pounders to commence doing Flat Dumbbell Bench Presses.  I got out 4 reps including the first heave up and then I just could not handle it.  I tried to keep my back on the Bench at all times but I couldn’t think properly and lacked form.  I dropped the weights to 60 pounds and done 7 more reps before completing the usual routine.

My Endurance set was also different and I done it with Cable Crossovers doing half standing erect and the other 90­ to the ground.  I done it for 50 reps with the weight 20 pounds for each hand.

Latissimus: I started with a warm-up on Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns and done 15 reps with 30 pounds to the front.  I then moved onto T-bar Rows and done a warm-up set with 40 pounds for 15 reps with strict form crunching my shoulders together.  That seemed to work so I done 2 more hard sets starting on 100 pounds and doing 8 reps.  That was now, relatively easy so, I put up the weight to a new 120 pounds and done 8 reps but the last few were a bit shanky and weren’t up to par.

Next on the Agenda was Hammer Grip Lat Pulldowns and I started on 135 pounds and done 8 reps not particularly with good form.  I waited a bit and was distracted momentarily by Denim up at the top sitting and I caught his eye and waved.

My next set was with 135 pounds again and again I done 8 reps with bad form bringing it down just past halfway for most.  I did in fact bring out my Chest though so it wasn’t a complete loss.

I then went to do One Arm Dumbbell Rows and started on 60 pounds and done that Easily for 8 reps.  I done this weight because I didn’t feel I could handle more weight but, looking at my Bulging Biceps I realized I could always give 80 pounds a go.  I picked up the weight and heaved out 8 reps for each hand getting my grip on each hand twice.

My Endurance set was actually with Seated Cable Rows and with 30 pounds I done 60 reps and I was aching at the end of them mostly in the forearms.

Warm-down: I done 2 minutes on the bike and burnt off 15 calories.

It seems that I could be lifting heavier weights.  I feel also that I am a bit over-trained in some areas.  I work my upper body hard in the gym and more regularly than the lower body, but my lower body also gets treated from bicycling, which I am doing tomorrow.

Research New Gym Routine

Lots of work for me tomorrow but somehow it’s all the same.  I’m going to go to the CES tomorrow also if I have the time.

It is almost time for me to go to sleep but let me just say that since this program is almost finished I have to vitalize another weights program.  I have an Idea of what I am going to do.

It is going to be heavy training for all of my body and I’m completely ruling out cables for all of my body unless there is nothing else to build it better, or if it is called for.  Everything is going to be heavy including calves and abdominals.

Everything is going to be free-weight and it is going to last for 2 weeks only doing 5 workouts a week.

Planning Ahead

I also want to see Pari today.  I have to hand in my Anatomy books, and fill out the census form, and go on a bike ride.

I’m going to do some research now and hopefully the new training regimen will be ready by tonight.

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