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Mad Chaos: Saturday, August 3, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I missed out on writing earlier because I was somewhat taken up with time.

I started the day at an early 11:15 am.  I got up and had breakfast.  I then figured to call William.  I walked to the shops and called him, but he wasn’t home.

So I asked Tatton to go down to the pools and Bodishop with me.  He asked me to meet him in Campbelltown.

Bump Into The Girl I Like

On the bike ride into Campbelltown to look for Tatton I saw that girl Simon used to bring out in his 4×4 Jeep.

While at Bình’s bakery shop yesterday I saw her but didn’t know it was her.  She walked past and I went outside to have a perve.  She looked sick and she had all these good threads on.  Her face was all done up and she looked very tall.

I said to Bình that she is the kind of girl I am going to marry.

I just found out today that it was her.  I saw her at the front of the CES.  She called me a snob and I gave her a compliment, acting astonished that it was her that I saw.  Her friend was friendly flirting and she took a look at my chain.

I went into the CES with her and minded my own business for a while.  Then I went over to her (even though her man friends were there) and had a little chat to her.  I left after that and pondered whether I should wait for her and invite her to the pools, but I left feeling if I was to do that, I would give it some time until I see her again.

Bodishop Gym With Tatton

We went to the Bodishop first.  I only had my breakfast to eat but I stole a drink from there, which by the way is pretty easy to steal.

Me and Tatton spent the day boxing and sparring with each other with no head gear but only body shots and low kicks.  We were going pretty good, but Tatton kept backing out because he was hurting and was tired.

We played around for a bit more spending 1-2 hours kickboxing and then we went to the shitty saunas with no towels and no change of clothes.  It wasn’t smart and I had to use my shirt as a towel.  The Sauna didn’t give enough heat off and we left after 15 minutes but with a good sweat.

Cruising Home On The Bike

Tatton started walking home.  I stayed and done some more practice and then rode my bike to catch up with him.

I had a pretty good ride up Broughton Street towards the lights.  I was going down the hill after the roundabout and the hill and I got to a speed of around 55Km/h.  Then I kept that gear and powered up the hill to make it up and also wait for cars until I crossed the intersection.

Pools With Tatton

That’s when Tatton called me and we went to his house, got ready and went to the Pools.

I must admit I was better than before at the pools today.  My first ten laps were faster than before and with more effort completing them in 15 minutes or less.

We then went to the Spa and for 15 minutes relaxed with me massaging my legs on the jets.

Then we did another 10 laps.  I was completely fucked because It took us 10 and a bit minutes to do these laps.  I had absolutely no energy left.  I was out of Carbos.  We went back to the Spa and I could only spend 10 minutes in there cause I was fucked.

My body tone was good and I have a feeling I’d be a bit more than 73 Kilos now.

Go Home

When I got home from the pools after 6:30 pm I ate a pretty big meal.  Now I am still eating to consume about 2500 calories for today.

I’m going to postpone shaving my legs until they grow back and heal a bit and then I will shave them for a purpose like swimming or posing.

Jett Visits

Around 9:00 pm Jett came over and we had a pretty good time talking and shit.  We went up to Blake’s house because Jett’s brother, Stan was up there.  We spent a while up there.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow, I am going to have a good meal and a good workout and then devote the rest of the week to bicycle riding and gym.

If William calls me up then we might be going to the gym at the Bodishop and I’ll get to use the boxing equipment.

Lately I have been having decent sleeps and I feel like I will have one tonight.  I was going to get an early night tonight and I still might.

Time ta sleep ya all.

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