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Mad Chaos: Friday, August 16, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Tormented By Issues


Tomorrow is yet another day at the gym.

I am going to admit that it is getting a tad boring writing down my Daily Caloric content, but if it has to be done, and if it is working, then why stop?


To ease my pains, tomorrow I might go see someone that is a friend.

I was thinking of going to see Tatton.  I also want go over to Nina’s house to see her.  I also want to see Angel tomorrow.


I’m confused to what extent I should see Angel.  It will all start to come clear as soon as I get a reply on Sunday.

Listening to Mariah Carey again tonight, I reminisce about the good old days.    Why can’t I have them back sooner?


Why do I get into these states and feel so pathetic?  Why can’t I be joyful and get a damn job!  Life out there is beginning to suck, and I say fuck the world!  It’s a fucken hole down here, and jobs are scarce for me.  Why can’t it be easy?

Meal Plan (26)

Meal One: Baked Beans,  Special K Cereal,  Cordial.
Meal Two: 125g Pasta Twists,  200g Sausages,  Orange Juice.
Meal Three: 1 Meat Pie,  1 Litre milkshake,  6 liver paste breads.
Meal Four: 6 egg whites,  2 tuna Sandwiches,  200g Fish Fillets, Piece Chicken,  Cordial.


Calories: 4260
Protein: 369.7 35.6%
Fat: 80.0 17.5%
Carbohydrates: 533.6 47.0%

Tomorrow is Legs day, followed by another rest day.  If I am not feeling up to par tomorrow I’m going to have to chuck in some heavy duty shit to build me up better.

Design New Gym Routine

I saw an article in Muscle Magazine that I’m going to read now and then write it here for memory.  It took me a while to find it and I found it in the last book (typical).

“Muscles have multiple personalities, and to make them grow you must stimulate them in multiple ways.  The eight training stress factors are:

  • Training session length.
  • Training session frequency.
  • Body-part training frequency
  • Exercise selection and performance
  • Repetition speed
  • Training session volume and intensity
  • Weight and repetitions
  • Rest intervals between sets”

Now, let’s use this graph to show how my current training has been intense.

Item Duration Rating
Training session length. 45 minutes 5.6
Training session frequency. 5 sessions 7.1
Body-part training frequency 9 body-parts 4.6
Exercise selection and performance Heavy reps 1.5
Repetition speed 8 reps 1.3
Training session volume and intensity 45 minutes 3.1
Weight and repetitions Heavy 6.8
Rest intervals between sets Medium 4.2

This is how I calculated all of these ratings.

  • For each 8 minutes I work out the rating is 1. S, for a rating of ten I’ll have to work out for 80 minutes.
  • How much sessions I have per week (5 sessions over 7 days x 10 gives Rating)
  • Calculate over the cycle (this cycle is 14 days) how much times each body-part is worked (chest 4 times in 14 days = 4/14). Then add them all together and divide them by the body-parts counted and calculate that into a week (if it is for 14 days then x by 2 to get a rating for a week).
  • There is Heavy training between 6-8 reps. There’s 10-12 reps, 12-20 reps, and 20-50 reps.  Heavy Training Yields one Rating point, the next on yields two points then, 3 points for 12-20 reps and 4 points for 20-50 reps.
    This way if you use all four methods then you will yield a Rating of 10 but if you only use Heavy and 12-20 rep ranges you will yield a Rating of 5 points.  The Performance status is gauged within the Decimal point.
    If you are really going at it and are only doing heavy, then you will get 1.9 Rating.
  • How much reps are done in 60 seconds (12 reps divided by 60 (x2)).
  • How much Volume done in the 8 to 80 minutes of workout. (14 sets a day divided by 45 minutes (x2)).
  • The heavier the weights you are accustomed to, the higher the rating. The better the repetitions performed for that weight the higher the rating.  Low reps and Light weight score low, high reps and light/medium weight scores a bit better.
  • The shorter the times for rest the better. Also the shorter the time for rest and the heavier the better.  Light weights are used for short waits, heavy weights are used for long waits, so shocking them into different waiting patterns increases rating.

Graph Results

This graph is showing me I need to speed up on my repetitions; speed up on my waiting time on all sets to shock my growth; increase training frequency; decrease training time; differentiate repetitions and, increase volume and intensity.

That is a lot I have to do but it is to be done if I want to grow a bit bigger.

It is 12:30 am now and I am off to bed to make muscle.

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