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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, July 9, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

employmentTo Mission Employment

Earlier on today I walked to Mission Employment.  I got a lift down when Simon saw me on the road.  He said he went to my house to see what I was doing.

In Mission Employment I was overlooked.

Purchase Dance Tickets

I stayed with him and then we went and called Rory and we went to get tickets for the dance.

I said to myself as soon as Keith got the tickets that I had a bad feeling about tonight and something bad would happen.

Later, I got dropped off and I rang up Sherry because Rory went over to her house with us.  I got her to pick me up and we went cruising around Campbelltown and went to see Bình.

Drive To Bradbury

We then cruised back to my house for 20 minutes listening to music and calling people.

Gym Routine

exerciseAfter that I went to gym and this is what I did before I lost it all tonight.

Warmup: I warmed up on the bikes for 5 minutes and lost 40 calories.  I then stretched my Chest and Triceps and, I stretched my Shoulders a bit.
Chest: I started with a set of Fly’s on Bench press and with 25 pound dumbbells done 12 slow long reps.  I then went to the Peck Deck and with 50 pounds done 15 reps warmup.  I then got heavy with weight and went to do Incline Dumbbell Presses.

I done 2 sets, the first one being with 55 pound Dumbbells and doing 10 reps.  I felt it really good in that set and I thought I’d do it again with that weight so (While doing correct breathing for all exercises), I started and done 5 reps and then a dude came and helped me out with the last 3 reps and I completed 8 reps.

I decided to go and do Machine Seated Bench Presses.  I started on 110 pounds and done 10 reps breathing correct and feeling pain.  After some resting time I done it again and completed another 10 reps with that weight.

I went over to the Cable Crossovers and started with 30 pounds and done 10 reps standing upright.  I then put the weight up to 50 pounds and done 10 more reps in a downward position.  Last set was with 50 pounds and this time I done 10 reps and then dropped weight and done some more.

My last 3 sets were with Pullovers.  I started with 40 pounds and done 12 reps hard breathing.  My Chest was huge by now but I went to 55 pounds and done 10 more reps.  I tried another set with that weight and I was dead and I just managed 8 reps with that weight.

Triceps: For Triceps, I went hardcore for a while.  I started with 2 sets of Close Grip Benchpress.  I started with 40 pounds and done 10 reps.  My Triceps were swollen but I done another set with that weight and done 10 more reps.

I then walked over to the Standing Triceps Pushdown.  I started on 25 pounds and done 12 reps.  I then put it up to 40 pounds and done 10 more reps.  I decided to do Dips with help so I started with 60 pounds help and done 10 reps easy.  I put the help up to 80 pounds and just completed doing 10 reps.

Abdominals: Was a different story.  I made it hurt and started on Machine Ab Crunches and started on 200 pounds for 30 reps.  I then upped it to 240 pounds and done 2 more sets of 20 reps.  After that I done one set of Crunches with no weight for 20 reps.

I then done 2 sets of side crunches starting on 35 pounds and doing 10 reps each side.  I then put the weight up to 40 pounds and done 10 more reps each side.

Warm-down: I think I done 10 calories in 2 minutes.

That workout that I had for my chest was awesome and I felt it when I was getting driven to the party.

It left me as soon as I started to dance and loosen up.

Ingleburn RSL Dance Club

I learn that when I go out to have a good time, I have a good time and forget about the rest.

Tonight I had too good a night and it made me worse off with my lady friends.

I went to the dance club thing in the R.S.L at Ingleburn and as usual, it was excellent.

The songs were good and it took me about 10 minutes to get into it.

Dancing With All The Girls

I first started dancing around with the normal crowd and all the ones from our group.  I started dancing up first with Sherry.

Then later on I saw Anona with her boyfriend, Alison and another girl that had a short skirt just like Alison.

Dancing With Alison And Kate

I started dancing up with them and at the same time with Sherry.

I got complemented on my dancing again tonight so I must be doing something right.

Everyone was impressed how I was with Alison and Kate that night.  I kind of liked it too and grew with it.  The security there had a thing for me though.  Even the waiter spilt drink on me and probably done it purposefully too.

Meeting New People

I was all over the place meeting Sherry’s brother and all his friends and Rich Ellis and the hoods, Carey, Marcia Varley and her gang and Madlyn who came in but I didn’t see till much later.

I saw Madlyn outside and I rang her up an hour before we went, and she didn’t sound that eager on the phone.  No matter, I saw them and then I went over and started dancing with her and saw her cousins and then went back over to my group.

I felt pretty bad because I was dancing with other girls.

Getting A Lady Killer Reputation

Bad things did happen.  I got carried away and went overboard.

I don’t want to get a bad name with the rest of them.

They came up to me and said “So how much girls tonight?”  Even Jennifer said that to me.  I don’t want to be known like that and it is happening already.  That’s why dances and raves are bad news for me.

I’m going to have to clarify myself with everyone now before I can go on.  I might as well come out of the group like I said.

Palmer Upset With Harley

I found out that Palmer liked Alison and I sat her at the chairs with her friend (at least twice), and we talked and talked.  I asked her if she liked him and she said no way, but I told Palmer she might be interested.

Palmer then got upset so I went over thinking it was me.  He told me Harley got onto some guy on Sunday night.  Brodie felt shit because Celeste wasn’t with him and he felt weird, so I went and got her, holding hands together with Madlyn and we started dancing together.

Madlyn Wants To Be Friends

I took Madlyn to the middle sometimes and I danced up on her, but we had a talk and we agreed that we should remain friends even though we were holding hands and rubbing each other’s leg.

I knew she said that because she saw me rubbing up on other people and she mustn’t have liked it.  I wouldn’t like it but I asked her about it and she said she really didn’t mind it because we didn’t really have something going yet.  She told me we could still call up and I was happy.  I told her I wasn’t going to go away without her feeling my lips for one time.

I seem to rub off good on everyone I meet and everyone kept saying I knew everyone down there but tonight it was pretty shit.

Rory Gets Onto Sherry’s Friend

To top it off, Sherry’s brother liked a girl and he came with her and then Rory got onto her for all the night and I was pretty angry at that so I kept bothering them.  What really bothered me is that Sherry said to her “Didn’t I say he was good”, and I told the girl that he was bad news and she wouldn’t listen.  She’ll get it coming soon.

Aubree and all the others came pissed to it and Aubree and Janice and Harley were angry at me for a reason.  Celeste was alright to me but the other three avoided me for the night.

A “Get Onto” Thing

It was alright at the start of the night because they all came and hugged me but I done something wrong towards the end of the night to get them angry.  It must be a “get onto” thing because if it wasn’t, Celeste would be angry with me and she’s going out with someone, so it must be a “get onto” thing.

My chest and legs ached when I got there and the aches have disappeared from my chest for now.

Dance Up On Girl While With Madlyn

I felt bad when, near the end of the night, I was coming out of the middle with Madlyn and I saw this girl and eyed her.  Then while holding Madlyn’s hand, I danced up to her.  Then Keith pulled me off her.

I felt bad for that myself and I should not have let the night get to my head.  That’s why I don’t like going to dance raves like that and would not want to go much when I’m 18 and eligible.

I got along with Alison and I think it was Kate.  Kate came up to me at the night and asked if I liked Alison.  I kind of backed off and said yes and then I said I also like her.  I’m calling Alison tomorrow because she wants me to and see about the party.

Kissed Sherry On Her Lips

pick-up girl

Sherry also wants me to call her and at the end of the night I said goodbye and she said a handshake won’t do so I gave her a hug and she kissed me on the cheek.  I thought I’d go for it and kissed her on the mouth.  It wasn’t all that bad but she didn’t go that far and I walked away.

Drive To McDonalds

We went to McDonalds after that and all of us were there.  We filled up with McDonalds and I saw Masozi there.

Aubree and Janice were laughing at me for some reason but I can’t understand what.  I had my hair plaited by Madlyn but that wouldn’t have been it.  I got looks from Chí too and from Brodie so they knew what they were laughing at.

I am lucky because in a way I don’t have to do anything with Madlyn so, my ambition with Aubree could come true.  I know if I want Sherry then I could have her tomorrow.

I also saw Jennifer at the party and her friend Shana was there and she was pretty nice.  She had other nice friends but she was a shiner.

I have to go check on the food soon.

Drive To Kentlyn

After we went to Kentlyn we went home.  Ned raced there going 120 Km/h all the way cutting red lights.

Enough about the party and back to sleep.

I have to call Sherry and Alison tomorrow.

It’s 1:30 am and it is almost time for me to get some sleep for myself.

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