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Mad Chaos: Sunday, July 21, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

My legs are already palpitating at the back of my legs so I put some cream on just then.  The cream seems to have worked wonders.

Brodie’s Party

I went to Brodie’s party.  At first it was alright with just me, Brodie, Shawn and Ralf there.  Then it started to get nasty as all the girls turned up and Rory turned up.

I had started off having a good time.  Then after a while everyone got drunk, and it was only a matter of time.  Sherry came down to the party.  It soon was her downfall today, but more about that later.

Take A Walk With William

I mingled a bit and I went for a walk with William to talk about Harley and shit.  We were going to see Imad at Dina’s house but he wasn’t there, so we started walking to the party again.

Bump Into Aubree And Girls

Then we saw Aubree’s car, so we thought we’d go have a talk to her and her colleagues.  We met up with her, Janice and Celeste and we walked them to the party.  But then Janice and Aubree ran ahead and also Harley I think.

You could see that Celeste didn’t want to follow them, but they are her friends, so she caught up with them a bit later.

Chopping Janice

I then went back to the party and sat in the back.  I saw Janice and said hi to her.  She started going off at me saying that I said, “I think they are weird.”  I don’t remember saying that but I will say that she is fucked in the head because I chopped her badly.

I asked her, “What do I do that is bad?”  She couldn’t come up with anything, meaning I do not do anything wrong to her or any other girls in the group.

I then said, “I always look out for you all, and I look after your best interests, but if your best interests is getting drunk every night and doing it to get onto people, then I have better things to spend my time on.”

I chopped her bad and she went and had a big spit somewhere.

I Give No Shits

Ned as usual, went over to her rescue and tried to cheer her up.  Every time I walked past her she would say, “Oh we’re too weird to be here,” and Ned would tell me to walk on by.  The thing is, I couldn’t give a fuck about resolving a problem with a drunk bitch that isn’t going anywhere but down in her life.

Everyone Getting Onto Everyone

Tarina also was trying to get onto Ralf.

Astor was there getting onto Monica.

Ned was trying to get onto Janice.

Bình also said that Harley was hugging him and holding onto his hand, so class that as peculiar.

Sherry’s Car Accident

Now about Sherry.

She was driving around Campbelltown.  At exactly the same spot as the accident with the bus and the car about one month ago at Tim’s Garden Center, Sherry hit a car.

She was coming onto Queen Street from the Bi-Pass and she had a green light but not a green arrow, when there was another car coming.  She turned and hit the car.  The Commodore wasn’t that bad but the Datsun that hit it was crumpled to the max.

Writer’s Block With Kathryn’s Letter

I want to write a letter to Kathryn but every time I want to write a letter I always don’t feel like expressing myself onto paper.  I don’t know what it is but I can’t do it.

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