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1996 Meal Plan 019

Mad Chaos: Saturday, July 27, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Homebush Gym With Pari

If you plan something, all will not be well.

There were some positives about today but let’s talk about the negatives.

The group was meant to be Imad, Tatton, Dina and Osama but only Pari came.  Then I had no bag to bring because Eric took it with him this weekend, so I had to borrow one off of Pari.

We got on the train and all was going well.  We got off and caught the bus to Homebush Bay for 60 cents.  Then when we got there we had a good time starting off at the gym

The gym in Homebush was pretty small but I held a good workout with it.  I did bring my two meals with me.  I ate them to a tee.

The only difference in the Dietary Program is that I didn’t have spaghetti in the morning, and instead of having a milkshake now I am substituting it for 200-300g of watermelon.  I had a third sandwich on the way home.

Gym Routine

exerciseHere’s my workout.

Warmup: From seeing how small the workout place was, I actually didn’t have enough motivation to work hard but, I worked smart.  I didn’t do a warmup but I stretched my Chest and back a bit.
Chest: There was not much to choose from but I started on Dumbbell Bench Press with 20 pounds warming up for 15 reps.  The weight here was weird and it felt heavier so as I got to grips with it I went onto their Peck deck and put it on around 35 pounds and done 15 reps.

I then started on Bench Dumbbell Presses and with 65 pound Dumbbells and Pari’s spot I got out 6 reps by myself and then the last two with a bit of a spot.  I then put the weight down to 55 pounders and got Pari to spot me again for 7 reps with a couple of assists.

I then jumped on a good Machine Seated Press and with around 110 pounds done 8 reps.  On my second set I put it up to 120 pounds (which was marked only in Kilo’s), and got to 6 reps and then assisted myself with 2 more reps.

I then jumped onto Dips with Pari and done 2 sets doing 8 reps each with no weight.  I then jumped on Decline press and I was going to do my Endurance set but I only done 10 reps with 20 pounds.

I got on an Incline bench and done Incline Dumbbell press for 60 reps with 20 pounders.

Lattisimus: I started off doing a warmup set on Seated Cable Rows with 40 pounds and doing 15 reps.  I then got on Wide Grip Lat Pulldown and done myself 15 reps with 30 pounds.

I then jumped out to do One arm Dumbbell Rows and started on 60 pounders and done my 8 reps with no fail.  I then thought to put the weight up to 70 pounders and I heaved out a good set of 8 reps.  I then got on an Incline Rowing Machine and put on 33 pounds and done 8 reps.  I then put the weight up to 110 pounds but after a small spot from Pari and one rep I dropped it to 90 pounds and still had to drop it to 65 pounds to do 8 reps.

I then went to Seated Cable rows and was very strong on this exercise.  I put it on 120 pounds (their weight) and done my 8 reps.  I then put the weight up to 70 Kilo’s which is 155 pounds and done another easy 9 reps.

I then went for my Endurance set but felt bad because my underarms were sweaty and it could show through my shirt.  I done 60 reps with about 45 pounds.

Nothing else was done.

Swimming Laps In Homebush Olympic Pools

When I finished, I went and ate my first feed of the day.

Pari finished a bit after that.  We had a feed when I gave him some of my shit.

After our feed we went and got changed to go into the Olympic pool.

My first lap on 50m was terrible.  I was all puffed out just barely making it to the other side.  My whole body was aching but I managed 4 more laps and a couple of half laps before we went into the other pools.

The other pools were 1.2 meters to 2 meters deep.  The Olympic Pool was 2.0 meters on the shallow end and 3.0 meters in the deeper end.

We went in the kiddie pools too, having fun and relaxing around a whirlpool.

Homebush Sauna And Steam Rooms

It was also fun when I went into the sauna and steam rooms.  The steam room was a new thing for me.  It was full of steam and was hard but easy to breathe in there, but you sweat like a pig.  I went in each one twice, spending about 20 minutes all up in them.

We then were running late and left around 6:00 pm.

We waited for a bus but in the wrong place.  So we recouped and got to the bus stop and caught a bus to the station.

Here’s where the shit started to happen.

The Painful Transit Home

There was rail work happening so we had to catch a bus to Cabramatta.  But we ended up going half way to Penrith by mistake.  When we realized our mistake we returned back to Auburn, then to Granville where we caught a bus to Cabramatta.  A train back to Campbelltown followed, but that took ages to depart.  All of this happened, and it was pissing down raining too.

It took us until 10:00 pm to get to Campbelltown train station.  Pari caught the first bus to get home and then I caught a bus half an hour later.  I spent all of my $20 and got home just a little while ago.

Planning Ahead

It is time to eat my banana and chicken and I’ll see you same time, same place tomorrow, when I go for a 60 km bike ride.

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