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Mad Chaos: Friday, July 5, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Talk To Madlyn

Today I got up, and, and then I called Madlyn.  I had a big old talk to her.  We got on very well discussing for the first time going out with each other and the detrimental effects it will have on us.  We talked for what seemed like an hour and then she invited me to the movies with her tonight because we were talking about going out and having fun with each other.

She told me more about herself and she told me that there are at least 10 guys at the moment who like her, and she is still a virgin (which I respect very much).  She would like to go out tonight with me and see how we go together.

Planning Our First Date

We are going to the movies and I think we are either watching Witchcraft or if I get my way “Mission Impossible”.

I had to borrow some money off Keith or Carey who is back now.  I am going to see if Jett wants to come out with us tonight.  If he is home he will definitely come out with us, but it is a Friday.

I’m hoping to go out as a first date thing where we are allowed to get onto each other.  I hope she doesn’t want to go as friends but that won’t happen.

She has to call me back at 6:00 pm to see if she will go.  If she remembers my number and still has it then it is no problem.

Gym Routine

I just went to the gym and done my workout so before I forget, here it is.

Warmup: I went on the bike and cooled down on the bike a bit and done 5 minutes and 40 calories.  I burnt a bit of fat and actually sweated this time for a while.

I did some stretching for the Chest and a tiny bit for the Shoulders and Triceps.

Chest: I started with doing Bench Dumbbell Fly’s with 25 pound Dumbbells and doing 12 slow reps with it.  I then done another set of it with 30 pound dumbbells and done 10 more slow reps.  I got out 60 pound dumbbells for my next exercise but, I also got out 20 pounders because My right Tricep and Chest was too tense and I tried to unstress it by doing 10 reps.

I then done 3 sets of Bench Dumbbell Presses and started with 40 pounds doing 10 reps.  I then put it up to 60 pounds and started by doing 6 reps by myself but I started to struggle and someone popped up and gave me a hand to do another 2 reps.  I then finished that and got 50 pound Dumbbells and started doing my set and got to 6-7 again and the guy spotted me again for another 3 reps.

I then thanked the guy and went on to do Dips.  I went to the Dip Bar and done 6 reps by itself.  I then went to the supported one and done 10 reps with 50 pounds of help.  I then put it up to 80 pounds and done 12 reps.

I then went and tried to do some Machine Incline Presses but only done one set of 10 reps with 80 pounds.  I then went to the Peck Decks and started with 60 pounds and done 10 reps.  My next set was the same weight and 10 more reps.  I done one more set and this time I put it up to 80 pounds and just completed 10 reps.

Shoulders: I didn’t do any compound movements just Isolation.  I started with Machine Lateral Raises and done 10 reps with 40 pounds.  I then supersetted that with Machine Rear Deltoid and done 40 pounds with 10 reps.  I then went back to the Laterals and done 10 more reps with 60 pounds and supersetted that and done 60 pounds and 10 reps on rear Deltoids.

I went and tried to do a set of Dumbbell Presses with 30 pounders and didn’t like the faces I was pulling so I quit at about 8 reps.

I then done one more set of Lateral Raises with 50 pounds and 10 reps.  I could really feel it in my Trapezius Clavicle Joints.

Abdominals: I started by doing 20 reps of Crunches.  I then got a 20 pound plate and done 20 more reps on the Crunches.  I felt game for more weight so I decided to get 30 pounds on my belly and done 25 more reps to failure.

I then went and done 2 sets of Cable Side Crunches starting with 35 pounds and doing 10 reps.  I then put the weight up to 40 pounds and done 10 more reps.

I decided to do Crunches but to the sides for my Serratus muscle and done 20 reps, 10 to each side.

My Chest by the way is already starting to ache and shows that I worked it out pretty good.

Phone Talk With Madlyn

I just got off the phone with Madlyn and we talked for another 45 minutes.  She thinks the world of me now and we are getting along very nicely.  She thinks I am very sophisticated and I talk like a thirty-year-old smart guy and we have a lot of stuff in common.

She likes physiology and biology and science and I like the fields of anatomy and kinesiology and the structure of the human body.  She also likes hypnosis and I can do it and we went onto a whole topic of that for a while.

I see me and her getting along very well and seeing each other for a very long time, If I play my cards right.

What else we have in common by the way is that we are both nocturnal people and like staying up at night.

I can write at least 8 pages of the conversation but I decide not to because it will be too long to write.

Madlyn Will Call Me Next

She really likes me now and she is going to call “ME” on Sunday.  I don’t know what time she is going to call me at.  I am going to stay home and wait for that call because I want things to happen between us.

I can’t wait until I see her and she wants to see me on Monday.  It is a good sign that she wants to call me on Sunday because she obviously likes me.  I’m very happy with the way I have carried this relationship out so far.  I guess my good luck charm is working because this is definitely lucky.

We aren’t going out tonight because her friends are not there yet.  But like I said, she is calling me up Sunday.

The Good Luck Charm Strikes

My good luck charm is always working when I have it on.  I have had it on now every single day for this year.  It always gives me good luck.  If something bad happens to me it doesn’t matter because something good always comes out of it.

I feel like dancing around but I won’t because I am too drained out from my workout to do anything.

Meal Plan

I am going to eat up now so I can grow a bit more before tomorrow’s workout.

In the morning I had some fruit loops and then 125 Grams of pasta twists.  I then had 2 glasses of milkshake and some prawns.  Now I am having 600 grams of meat and 2 sausage sandwiches, which I shouldn’t have had because they have too much fat on them.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to read up a bit more and then I am going to play the piano for a while and probably have an early night tonight.

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