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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, June 19, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Getting Over A Flu

I had an alright sleep last night, considering that I had to sleep on my left side all night because my ears were blocked a bit.

I got up today at 7:00 am in the morning again.  I had some tea for my throat and a shower.  I then dozed off for about an hour or two until 10:00 am.  Today I found out the problem of my flu and the cause.  This might sound gross but here goes.

Blood In Mucus

I blew my nose and out of my nasal cavity just before the opening for the mouth came blood, enthralled in saliva.  That was the flu and it was in my mucus and saliva in my nasal passages.  They were 15mm in size and there were 3 culprits throughout the day.  Now my nose is almost over and my throat has seemed to settle down.  The only thing left is the ear aches.

Driving Lesson With A Flu

I wasn’t going to go to the driving lesson today because I was that sick and couldn’t think straight.  I couldn’t hear a word anyone said.  I did go however and did pretty well overall.  I lost concentration near the end because my ears were severely aching and I had a constant high pitch sound in my ears.  It was pain but I am glad to say that they are getting less noticeable.  The ears still ache but by tomorrow they should be okay.

I didn’t go to the Gym today because I was in pain and I hope I get to go tomorrow but if I don’t feel 100%.  I at least don’t see myself attending.

Watch Higher Learning With Keith

I went to Keith’s house today after I had done my driving lesson.  We watched “Higher Learning”.  I think it was a sick movie and it had a stack of meaning.  It had Ice Cube.  It was really a Nigga Movie.

I slept for half of the day today and was in pain for the other half, and the day ain’t over yet.  I’m going to make this a short entry and finish this up now, so I can have more rest.

No Hat Worn Today

Before I go I will say that today was the first day in a very long time that I didn’t wear anything on my head.  I didn’t wear my hat and I’m proud of it.

Played Piano

Also something I haven’t done in a while – which was play the piano – I did tonight.  I played it well.

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