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Mad Chaos: Sunday, June 9, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Oceans Of Relationships

Thee woman has risen from afar and from shallow depths that I have not yet seen until now.  Anew, rising from the oceans of relationships, prospers new adventures for all within the depths.

Yes there are a lot of match-ups happening and a lot of people going to get thrown back in the ocean.

Rory’s House Party

The party last night was the very best party I have been to yet in my life.  Even though it was Rory’s party, I do give him credit for keeping it alive and for keeping out the foe.

The usual from our group went, including Carey and Brodie.  Else to go was all the Pizza Hut workers, Simon’s tribe including Italian boy Everard, and all the Pizza Hut managers, including Silvester and Safi.  All the Lebs came, as well as all the Lebanese ladies including Shayma and Salima.  Tino, Lành  and Ali Abdulrashid all came in their group.  Also, Gayla, the school captain, Pamella and all that group, and the mull-up group with Percival and Terrence Beck.

Imad didn’t go but I had the best of time anyway.

There were seven groups of people, our group, the group of Pizza Hut workers, Pizza Hut managers, a Lebanese group, the groups from high school, and a mull-up group.

There must have been at least 70 people maximum at the party.

A lot of Lebs were there and we all mingled and danced to music in Rory’s garage room, inside his house, his backyard, and out the front of his house while it was 1 degree outside.

The Relationships

Rory ended up getting onto Aubree who is hot.

Brodie ended up getting onto Celeste.

Simon brought his bride.

Janice wanted to get onto Keith but Keith turned her down and she sat crying.

Carey left because Keith wasn’t talking to her.

Palmer actually got onto Harley, and William didn’t like it.

Everyone got onto everyone’s walk of life.

I Advance On Tarina

I was trying to get onto Tarina and didn’t try hard enough in case of rejection.  Every time I tried to dirty dance with Tarina, Janice would come in and cut us off.

Pretend That The Party Is Over

The party died down a bit after 3 hours of music.  Then when the Asians showed up, the party was called off.  Most of the people left thinking the party was really over, but we regrouped a bit after that and started again.

Pizza Hut Boss Fucks Virgin


A lot of people were spewing up.  I had to pick up one girl from the back of the house because she was lying in her own spew.

Later that night she – who is only 16 and plastered – got onto one of the bosses of Pizza hut who is engaged to be married.  He porked her 6 times not giving a fuck about her, and she was a virgin and all.

Shayma In The Hallway

When the party died down, the lights failed for some reason.  I was shit cold so I went into the house to try and get a blanket.

In the dark I bumped into the girl that fucked 6 times, as well as bump into Shayma lying in the hallway.

I lay on Shayma’s legs and kind of rubbed them up.  I was going to try and get onto Shayma but she went and slept in a room so, I went back into Rory’s room.

Then the other girl came and wrapped her arms around me and hugged me like we were going to make out.  I was playing along because I didn’t know who it was.

Sharing a Bed with Tarina, Brodie and Celeste

In his room, Aubree, Janice, Celeste, Brodie, and Tarina were.  Safi came later with a sleeping bag and lay in there.  I lay on the bed where Celeste, Brodie and Tarina were lying.  They were lying down on the bed and I was lying at their feet across the bed with no pillow and barely a blanket.  We told jokes and talked in the room for all the night.  Everyone drifted off around 6:00 am.

In the morning.  I didn’t go to sleep because I had no pillow and was very uncomfortable.  Because of this I ended up staying awake all the day.  I was sleeping on Tarina’s legs trying to cuddle up to her, but I didn’t have enough guts to do it.

Rory Drives Me Home

Everyone woke up around 8:00 am.  I actually got to sleep properly for an hour and a half before Rory woke me up to take me home.  I was the last to leave his house.

That was the best party so far I have been to.

I still have to go to Noah’s 21st birthday party where there is going to be a stripper.

Safi has also invited us up to his house to have another party later this month, which is supposed to be 70% girls and everyone gets one so, I’m looking forward to that.


When I got home, I ate and heard Keith called me, so I called him up.  He picked me up to go to Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut Deliveries with Keith

I saw all the boys there and I stayed until about 6:00 pm today.  Imad, Brodie and Janice were down there, and also Tatton and Ned were down there.

I am going to get picked up now and we are going to have another night out again.  If Tarina comes out tonight I’m going to try and spark up with her.

It’s time to go.

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