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Mad Chaos: Sunday, June 16, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Some are born to be leaders, some just lead, most just follow the crowd…   I do it my own way.

William Picks Me Up

Today I was woken up around 1:00 pm after a brisk 5-6 hour sleep.  William came and knocked on my window ever so slightly and I got up getting ready to go out.  I had nothing on at all so I had to put my shit on.

We went and picked up Brodie from his house.  We stayed there for a bit waiting for him to get ready for the day ahead.

Drive To Macarthur Square

We went for a drive down to Macarthur Square and walked around for a while.  We went to visit Astor where he worked and we also went to visit Harley at the “Ye old Cafe”.

I sat next to Harley and her Posh talking friend who talks with big words and in a posh sort of way.  She was pretty nice to look at and she would have presented a challenge to me if I was to try my luck with her.  Not many people are easy to talk to, and she was.

Harley had some stuff to say to me but it was mostly selfishness that brought it out.  She only cares about herself and Palmer Keefe.

After that we dropped off Brodie to go and walk Celeste home from McDonalds.  He suits her and they make a pretty good couple I think.

Drive to Pizza Hut

I got picked up around 8:00 pm tonight.  William came and picked me up while I was having a nap.

We went to the back of Pizza Hut and Ned, Brodie, Keith, Shawn and all the rest of them were down there.  Rory was at Macdonald’s with all the girls except for Tarina.

Mulling Over How To Deal With Rory

After yesterday I thought a bit about what I done to Rory and what I should do to Rory.  I knew he had to pay for what he said to Tarina making me look bad.  A lot was going through my mind that night because of what Rory said and how I was going to deal with it when it came to crunch time.

Everyone that was at Pizza Hut wanted me to bash him but I do not bash people unless my life is in danger.  I just knock sense into the bewildered who cross me.

Keith said that if Palmer jumped in he would help me, and so did all the others, but I do not believe them fully because all they are there for is to watch a fight and not back me up.  That’s why I decided to go get Imad.

Imad will back me up all the time no matter what.  He will always have my back and I will always have his back like the Brothers we are.  I know that Imad isn’t just all talk like Keith would have been.  Like Imad says, “When it comes to the crunch who’s still gonna be there?”

Drive to Kentlyn

We picked up Imad.

They all migrated to Kentlyn, so we decided to go here.

Now my brain was through overdrive.  At the time I didn’t feel like hitting him cause I wasn’t hyped up.  But as soon as I got out of the car it was different.

Fight With Rory

I called Rory over and we went down and down more and more into the dark.  No one followed us and Imad kept Palmer at bay.  I don’t want to say too much about what happened here but I got Rory to tell me the truth.  Rory didn’t want to get hit and I told him in a calm and cool voice, “If you lie to me I’m gonna hit you.  If you respect me I won’t.”

I asked him what he said to Tarina and he was being cheeky saying there are two Tarina’s.  I was calm enough not to hit him there and then.

He said to me at first that he didn’t say anything to her.  First mistake of the day.

I hit him not hard but with an open swinging arm to the temple.

My motive was not to hurt or to injure him but to knock some sense into him.  He wizened up a bit after that and told me, “I said to her that you wanted to get onto her and get her in bed and get her to suck your dick.”

Mistake number two, and another hit to the head.

This one was so loud everyone could hear it.  I asked him again if I had said that I said all that in the car or whatever he thinks.  He said, “Yes, you did!”

So I smacked him in the stomach this time.

I know I never said something like that about Tarina.  I have too much respect for her to say anything like that behind her back.

I hit him one more time for some reason and then I told him he was to apologize to her or I would hit him again.  By now he was shaking and just listening to what I was saying.  I could see the fear in his eyes.

I let him go up and then I waited till he got up to the top before I ascended back up.

I didn’t tell anyone what I did.  They all found out off each other.  I only told Imad what I did and that’s it but everyone would have heard the swings I made.  I don’t tell, as to look modest and not get a big head out of it.

Drive With William

I decided to go for a drive with William to cool me and him off.  I felt that he needed some space from me so we went for a quick drive.  As we were leaving Aubree had just come back from picking Tarina up.

Kentlyn With Tarina

We went for a drive and then we came back and Imad was talking to Tarina for me.  I went up to her after a while when her and Imad were in the car and I sat in the driver’s seat.  Imad got the picture being the sick cunt he is and got out.

Everyone now has a new view of me and a newfound respect for me.

Aubree came into the car and instead of being mean to me she asked me very politely if I could open the boot for her, and I did.  She very politely moved away and went to the boot.

I asked Tarina if Rory had apologized to her yet and she said no.  We went on talking to each other for about half an hour.  I felt good because she was now talking to me in a different manner as if she was proud of me and she could look up to me.  She had a different perspective of me.

I like defending Aubree and she liked it too.  She asked me if I did say it and I just wanted to hold her hand right there and say to her that I respect and care too deeply for her to ever say something like that.  I like her more now after what has transpired, and I am glad of the outcome.

I gave Palmer a look too, stared him in the eyes and he looked at me as if he was saying “Alright, I understand what you did and I respect that.”  Maybe in a month’s time me and Rory might be talking but I hope in a short while me and Tarina can get to know each other a bit more, hopefully going out with each other.

I didn’t really see myself as wanting to go out with her but more of seeing her.  Now I find that isn’t true, and I would like to go out with her.  She does live in Bradbury and I do feel that tingle and the sensation when she comes near like we were meant to happen.

William is leaving tomorrow to go to his aunt’s for about 4 weeks.  I have a feeling Natasha likes him.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to read some Anatomy and then around 2:00 am I am going to get the paper.

I never get to thank my good luck charm for all the opportunities I get.  Now is the time to thank my lucky charm.

Thank you for all the luck.

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