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Handstand on pizza hut roof

Mad Chaos: Monday, June 3, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Imad and Keith Rock Up

Yesterday I can’t really remember what I did during the day.  I think Imad came over and Keith came over and then we went to Pizza Hut.

City Cruise With Keith

Last night we went out after Keith finished work at Pizza Hut.

We had my portable system in the car because Keith’s system wasn’t installed.  We had it hooked up to 8 C-sized batteries.

We ended up going down to Sydney when it was heaps foggy.  It was so foggy in some areas that you couldn’t see 10 meters past you.  We were on the highway going 120 Km/h.

We got to Sydney and saw some hookers and some snatches.

Road Rage, Pull A Knife On Car Full Of Guys

Then we were driving towards the new Planet Hollywood when a bunch of people in a car with 3 tough guys in the back and 2 girls in the front threw some ice at our car.  For that we stopped at the lights behind them and Keith Imad and me got out (and Tatton was also with us but he’s a sissy).

We went up to the car with bigger people than us in there (each person was bigger than each of us by a bit).  We kicked their car and abused them through the windows but they wouldn’t come out.  Keith was banging on their windows.  Imad flashed his knife at them.  I told them, “If I get my hands on you I’ll fucking kill you all!”

We all got back inside the car and chased them all throughout Sydney but we lost them when they went to the tollway on the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Keith didn’t want them so bad that he had to pay a toll so we drove somewhere else.

Return Drive Through Liverpool

When we finished in Sydney we quickly went through Liverpool, saw some hookers, and then drove back home.

We got home before Midnight so, you can see that tonight wasn’t such a sick night.  It was shit compared to all other nights we’ve had.

Yesterday I went to sleep in the morning about 5:30 am and woke up at 12:00 pm.

New Day

Today I woke up around 11:00 am.  I had a shower and something to eat.

Today is a wet and overcast day, not much difference from yesterday being a foggy day.

CES in Campbelltown

I went down to CES on my bike and sorted some problems out down there.

Keith At The Carwash

I saw Keith on the way there and on the way back I stopped to talk to Keith while he was at the carwash.

Macarthur Square With Ralf

I went to Ralf’s house after that because I saw him and Keith turned up there as well.  Keith and Noah went to Macarthur Square to get the CD cover from Sanity and me and Ralf went there to look around.  I saw Valerie up there twice and Ralf thinks he has screwed her but I think he is full of shit.

Frustration With Job Rejections

I am in a depressed state right now and I don’t really know why.

I just feel fucked because I have been turned down from the United Realty Recruitment Agency job I wanted.  The guy saw me only for about 2 minutes and then he said “bye bye, out the door.”  I think I was well qualified for the job.

Companies Will Not Hire Men With Long Hair

Keith was right.  Companies won’t hire me because of my hair.  It shouldn’t be about that because if it wasn’t, then I’d have a job by now doing what I want.

Ralf told me today when I go out to look for a job just keep bugging them and they are sure to give you the job.

I figure that, if I can’t get a job in the clerical field, then I’m just going to have to try and go for a laboring job.

Anyway, let’s get onto some fun stuff to write about now.

Groceries Shopping

After that I went shopping and didn’t even talk to my mum while we were there because she wasn’t talking either.  I can’t figure today out.

I bought a bundle of food and shit.  I bought some carbohydrates, some protein and not much fat.

Make Plans With Astor

I rang Astor to see what he was doing come Origin time.  I told him to invite Celeste over to his house and see if she can take Tarina with her so I could come over by ACCIDENT.  Then I could accidentally get onto Tarina and Tarina can accidentally get onto Celeste.  It just depends on if they go and if the parents are in the house.

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