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Mad Chaos: Thursday, May 16, 1996

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Remembering Lake Curtis

I was just thinking about Kathryn and Lake Curtis before I started writing this.   I don’t think of Lake that much anymore.  His birthday would be coming up soon.  Imad and me might be going to where he was buried and pay our respects to him.

Wistful for Kathryn

I was also thinking of Kathryn and how me and her were really compatible.  I liked her and she liked me but the distance is a problem obviously.  I seriously think that if she were still here living close in Sydney somewhere, I would still be going out with her getting very serious by now.   I think me and her are very good together and I miss the times that I’ve been with her.  I hope that when she comes back we will be together once again.

If I do get a car and we are going out I would drive up to Bundaberg every weekend and stay every weekend or every month.   I dearly miss her and the times we spent.  Of all the time she has been gone I have not felt the same for another person.   For everyone else I know and have tried to get onto it’s not the same.   For her there was something special between us.

Comparing Valeriya to Kathryn

When I got onto Valeriya it was kind of the same feeling as Kathryn but not quite as sophisticated.   All the women I see now (not that I have slept with anyone since Kathryn – except for one person who I didn’t regret but I wish I didn’t do Nina – I have only lust for.   In other words, I only want to screw them or something like that.

Even with Valeriya I could have stayed at the party over night and had a screw with her if I wanted to, but I chose not to because she meant more to me than just a screw.  But, I didn’t know her or care enough for her so I let her go.  Kathryn was different.   Even though we jumped into it and had sex straight away, we had quality time together for all our time spent together.  I can remember all the time spent with her.

I only had sex with Kathryn once but I did have a lot of sexual encounters with her.  When she was leaving I couldn’t say goodbye to her on the day because I didn’t want her to go, but at the same time I knew I would not be seeing her in the same way again.  I really think I should write to her soon and she if she will write to me.

Pizza Hut Deliveries with Keith

Today Keith woke me up at 11:00 am.  I went to Pizza hut with him and I got a drive in his mum’s auto for one of his deliveries.  I was pretty good except for my going too fast around corners and speeding just over the speed limit and not turning the wheel properly.   If it was a manual I might have had gear problems.

Speaking of manuals, Keith went to get his car out today and he was going to let me drive his mum’s car home behind him in his Nova.  But, they postponed giving him his car until tomorrow because they gave it a paint job and it has to dry.

We went out tonight and it wasn’t that exciting.   Ned and Janice were on Ned’s motorbike, Keith, and Noah, Bình, Ralf, Shawn, Natasha and me were there.  We just fucked around riding and I was going to get onto Natasha but I could call her up and tell her to come over my house and suck my dick anytime.

I saw Maura as me and Keith were driving and Keith said that Tiffany Hawking was in the back seat.  I heard that Tiffany has a boyfriend but that can’t stop me from trying.

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