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Mad Chaos: Sunday, May 5, 1996

Monkey Island II

Today I didn’t do much, but the one thing I did do was finish a prodigy of a game called Monkey Island.  I finished it in easy level so now I’m going to try it in hard level to see the difference in endings.

Dina’s House

I went to Dina’s house.  Imad was there.  He was all over her, she was all over him, and that’s good because I see them going out for at least a year.

Brotherhood with Imad

I had a talk with Imad today, one of those man to man, down to earth things and it was pretty cool because he’s my boy and he’s the only one that I can call my boy because me and him don’t dog each other like other friends do.  It doesn’t bother me that he is seeing Dina nor it shouldn’t anyway because I know Imad enough to know he is not going to try to dog me in any way.

He said to me today that if I had a fight with the boys for any reason, he would stick with me and that’s how boys should be.  So wherever he goes with Dina I’ll be alright with it, back him up 100%, be there when he needs my help, and be without him when he needs some space.  I’d do that for him because I know that he would do the same for me.

Harley and William Relationship On The Ropes

I hear that Harley is going to break up with William soon because in my books he went overboard and told her he loves her 3 weeks into the relationship.   Girls don’t like to be scared into a commitment like that and from what I’ve heard, this is not the only girl he’s lost by saying those words.   He lost Sherry that way and now he is going to lose Harley, and I will gladly have my go when he is over her and finished.  If Rory the male slut has a go, sparks are going to fly out of his face.

Rory and Janice Relationship Troubles

Rory tried to get onto Janice the night before the van broke down in Kentlyn.  On that night Janice had a fight with him because he apparently asked to get onto her or tried to and she turned him down.   I knew he wouldn’t get her.

The next day – which was this morning or the day before – he told Palmer that he was going to kill himself over it (and I know that it is for sympathy).  Palmer being the gullible idiot that he is, went and told Janice and now they are best friends again.  Sheesh!

Keith and Carey Relationship Dramas

To top it off, Carey and Keith are having problems because Carey has an Iron Deficiency and some other problems.  She still has Keith’s mobile, so they are not going to see each other for about 3 days.  Keith thinks he loves Carey.  He’s full of shit because he has only known her for 2 weeks and he only lusted her (wanted a bonk), or didn’t even think of her like that before she told him that she liked him.

And talk about not being humble.   Keith has been in love with every girl he has gone out with and that includes India, Nina, Diamond and Mandy.  Come on!  And what’s more is that he tells everyone his problems hoping to get sympathy from everyone, usually coming to my house and spilling his guts to me and sounding so fake in the process.  He done that with Mandy and now he’s going to do that with Carey.

Fucking off that topic before I stress out.

Pizza Hut Deliveries

I picked up Imad from Dina’s house, then I rang up Rory, he told Keith, and about an hour later he came and picked up Imad and me from my house.  He didn’t even drop Imad home because nothing was happening and he told me to hop in with Rory because he was going to Bình’s house and although Bình lives very close to me, he gave me to Rory.

If you ask me, they are both dogs in different ways, Rory will always dog you over a girl and Keith will always dog you, particularly with money and self-respect.

Monkey Island II

Time to relieve some stress and play Monkey Island II on hard level.

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