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Mad Chaos: Monday, May 27, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Pike On Planet Hollywood

Last night we were going to venture down to Sydney to see the opening of Planet Hollywood but, we didn’t go.

I didn’t really want to go because I saw Aubree yesterday when we went out.

Even though Claudia Schiffer was going to be there I still stayed back home.  I probably would have seen Claudia from a Mile back anyway.

Cemetery Lookout Hangout

Last night was a normal “go out and do nothing” night at the lookout near the Cemetery.

Janice was also there and I think she would be good in bed, a real turn on, gotta try it.

Natasha was there too and she likes me “I guess”.  Who could resist my sexual charm (hmm).

Also there was Astor who wants to get onto Celeste (doesn’t everyone), but he just can’t approach her.

Keith, Bình (with his new system), Imad, Ned, Shawn, Noah and me were there also.

Aubree was there also and I was mostly with her.

We just hung out until the night was over and then we came home as usual.

Drag Races

Ned and Natasha, Janice and someone else went to the drags.  I didn’t go because mainly Natasha was going.   I heard William say that she could have had a better night with me that night, but William has sworn not to tell anyone what she said and I will get it out of him tonight if he is working.

Job Search

employmentToday I didn’t do much except for sleep half of the day and ring for jobs that didn’t ring me back.

See Keith

Then I went over to Keith’s house with my bike.

We went to Campbelltown and I saw Alice (Felicity’s niece), the one I used to like and I got onto.   I only saw her out of the car but I wouldn’t mind talking to her again to see what she is doing with her life.

Planning Ahead

Right now I am listening to my Classical CD.  I am going to play the piano.

Then, I am going out if it has any worth in it, in other words, if Aubree is there.  I bet that if everyone goes out tonight then Natasha will be there.

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