East vs West

Mad Chaos: Friday, May 3, 1996

Drive with Keith and Rory

Whoops, I forgot to take my Heart Rate today because I was woken up at 11:30 am by Keith and Rory today.  They came over my house in a courtesy car that Keith got because he smashed his other car when he got a flat tire.   It’s a delivery van like Bình’s.


Keith and Rory just dropped me off and they are going to pick up some girlies that are coming with Carey and then they are going to Rory’s house.  Then I am going to call them and Rory will come to pick me up.

Fortnightly Shopping

I drove with my parents to the supermarket and I attained $4 from my mum and I bought a fish with some mushrooms, 50g tuna and 100 Sliced Chicken for my morning breakfast.   We then went and bought drinks and I bought watered down Powerade.

Rory’s House

We picked up Noah and then we went to Rory’s house to veg.

Planning Tonight

Tonight will probably be a big night with all out again.   I am going to call Ralf and Astor and all the others.

Right now I just had a milkshake and I am going to have 5 egg whites and two egg yolks.

I’m going to stay here until 4:15 pm and then I am going to call Rory and go out tonight with them.  It is too early to say but, I am going to have a good time, Especially if Keith renovates the van and puts a mattress and pillow and bean bag in the back like he said he would.

If Natasha comes out, bonus, because Rory said I can “go” her, and she did give him head too.  If Mandy comes out tonight I might bag her out like I usually do.

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