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Mad Chaos: Friday, May 17, 1996

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Yesterday was a day of surprises.

Keith Turbo Boosts Car

First of all, I’ll say that Keith got his car back and he was just lying about selling it (or so he says).  He is going to keep it and just got a Turbo Booster put in it.

We were driving his car to Liverpool yesterday to look at some speakers and decks at some place where Bình put his car in to get speakers.

Home To Eat

After that I got dropped off.  I had a bit to eat and then got picked up again.

Pizza Hut Deliveries

Keith drove to to Pizza Hut where I stayed for a while.   The Nova now also has a 2.0 liter engine and it caned.

Vandalize Rory’s Car

At the end of the night I peeled the “S” off the M.S.P sticker on Rory’s car and he still hasn’t called Keith or me yet.

Harley Flirts With Me

Yesterday Harley, Natasha and Janice were out with the usual.  I was sitting in the back of Keith’s car.  Harley came up to me and had a conversation with me.  I felt like getting up and kissing her but she’s going out with William so I can’t make a move.  By the looks of it, William is going to be with her for a while to come.

Collect L Plates

Earlier today I went to get some L plates from the RTA because Keith owes me a drive from what I done last night.  He is Legitimate now because he is on his silver driver’s license.

Dole Form Arrives

All I have to do is eat and I’m ready to go out.

I might go down to the CES and look for a job because my Dole form has come in and I am able to receive it in the middle of next month, but I want a job before that.

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