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Mad Chaos: Friday, May 10, 1996

Ride Bike to Keith’s House

Today was a nice and sunny day.  I thought I couldn’t waste it staying inside my house so I called up Keith and went over to his house on my bike.  Rory and Noah were also there.  We played a card game called Thirteen for a while.

Then we went in Rory’s car to Airds High to get Tino.

Pick Up Keith’s Car

We also went to check out if Keith’s car was ready.  It wasn’t but I got to see two Celica in the car yard.  The first Celica was the 1988 that we got a lift home in, and other one was a GT4 with a wing on it.  I was a rally car Celica.

Keith Bought Necklace for Carey

We then went to Campbelltown and saw Carey.  Keith redone a necklace he bought for her for $200.   He had to lengthen it by 10cm because it would not fit around her neck.

Musical Jam with Ralf over the Phone

I rang everyone tonight to come out because I have a good feeling about tonight.  When I rang Ralf – who is not coming tonight – I hooked up my speakers to the piano and Ryan hooked up his guitar to an amp, I also hooked my phone up to the system, and we had a jam session over the phone where we taped it on cassette tape.  He played along with the blues on my piano and we both ad-libbed on it.

Planning Tonight

Right now I’m waiting for Keith to come and pick me up so we can go out but so far he has been an hour late and I can’t reach his phone.

Everyone is coming out tonight except for Ralf and Shawn who are going clubbing.

I’m going to ring again and go out tonight so this means I’ll tell me what happened tomorrow.

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