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Wednesday, April 24, 1996

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Skillshare WordPerfect 5.1 Class

Yesterday I got up at 8:00 am and went to Skillshare.  Jeff had a big sook today and Emma played around with me by putting her legs on mine right next to my dick while we were sitting on the chairs.  She was moving her legs closer to my dick probably to see if I’d chuck a fat over it.  I almost did but I have more dick control than that.


I came home and had a good meal and went to sleep until 7:00 pm.

I woke up to eat some spaghetti.  I then went to the gym and did my chest workout.

Gym Session

gym session

This is what my workout was like.

Warm-up: I went on the bike for 5 minutes and burned off 40 calories.  The next thing that I did was stretches for the Chest for a count of 10.
Chest: My first 2 sets were on Peck Deck.  My first set was with 30 pounds for 30 slow continuous reps.  For my next set I jumped up to 70 pounds and did 15 reps.  Every time I do this exercise my left Peck strains under the pressure.  It feels as if it is going to tear.

My next exercise was the Dumbbell Bench Press.  I pressed record weight today.  My first set was a medium weight of 35 pounds and I did 15 reps.  For my next set I jumped to 70 pounds on each dumbbell and performed 5 strict reps.  I didn’t feel fatigued so I dropped the weight to 60 pounds and did another 6 reps with a bit more strain.  My last set was with 50 pounds and I did 10 reps and my last rep took over 10 seconds to complete and I only managed to do half of the way on the last rep.

My next exercise was the Machine Incline Press and I did 12 reps with 80 pounds.  I didn’t like doing this exercise so I jumped on the dips and did 9 reps stretching completely on the bottom of the movement.  My next set was for 7 reps and my last set was with Machine Dips and I did 9 more reps with 60 pounds help.

My last exercise was the Machine Seated Bench Press.  My first set was with 80 pounds for 15 reps then, after a brief pause I produced 12 more reps with 110 pounds.  Dropping the weight to 100 pounds I did 10 more reps.

Biceps: My first exercise was Cable Preacher Curls and I started with 25 pounds for 15 reps.   My second set was 40 pounds and I did 15 more reps.  My last set was with 45 pounds for 12 reps.

My Biceps were aching by now so I did 3 sets of Seated Dumbbell Curls to make them ache more.  My first set was with 25-pound dumbbells for 10 reps, then I did 30 pounds for 10 more reps and for my last set I managed 25 pound dumbbells for 12 reps.

Abdominals: Nothing much here.  3 sets of 20 reps of the Crunches.  Just getting ready for tomorrow’s ab session.
Warm-down: I did the bike for 2 minutes and burning 10 calories.

Gone Egging Houses

When I came home I ate and went out again with Keith and the rest.

We went egging with 5 packs of 15 eggs and we were in Ralf’s and Rory’s cars.  We eventually egged each other’s cars severely.  Ralf and Keith nearly had a fight over it.  Ralf copped an egg in his lap and face by Keith and Ralf went and egged Keith’s car putting egg up his muffler and all over the car.

I found out that Carey likes Keith and they made out with each other.

Back Home

I’m having eggs and milkshake now then I’m going to go to sleep.

When I wake up today it will be the last day of Skillshare.

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