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Monday, April 22, 1996

I had a pretty good time yesterday.

Camden Haunted House

Monday I went out with the usual, Keith, Imad, Ralf, Shawn, Ned, Noah, Janice, and Bình.  We went to the haunted house past Camden and it was a crack up.  We walked halfway up the road and everyone started running very fast back to the cars.  We done that twice and on both times I was hysterically laughing.  I fell down laughing the second time.

Call Valeriya

Today I called Valeriya and she didn’t seem that interested but, I told her I’d call her Saturday so we could go out to some party so we could get together and make out.  She seemed alright with that.

Shave Legs

I got my legs shaved for the first time yesterday.  Keith and Imad were helping me out.  They look sick now and they show more definition to my muscles.  My legs are a bit prickly when I sit down but I’ll get over it.

CV to Smalls

I sent a résumé off to Smalls and it was really good and I got some help from Jannete from Skillshare and we faxed it off.  I sounded real professional and all that and I should get a job within this week.  I call Small’s tomorrow to hear if I got a job or not.

Plan to Test Drive Celica

I was going to test drive a Celica 88 today because yesterday we drove to Camden late at night to check out cars and I saw it there for $18,000 dollars.  What I was going to do was get Keith to go in and pretend to be interested in the car and then ask for a Test Drive in the Celica without the car salesman.

The dealer gets to keep Keith’s driver’s license and registration and he drives it to Campbelltown.  Then he can stop and give it to me to drive and then return it an hour later saying “I need to check out some other car yards.”  It didn’t happen today, but it will.

Waiting on Keith

I’m expecting Keith right now any minute soon and I’m most probably going to his work where he now works at Pizza Haven.

Tonight is just going to be one of those normal nights again.  Something might go down tonight but I don’t know what.

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