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April 5, 1996

Anabolic versus Catabolic Food Intakes

I also followed my Food Intake Plan today chopped up around 4000 calories.  I thought of something today, and as I was thinking it, I thought “How could I have not thought about this before?”  I found out today that as I know already, protein builds muscle but carbohydrates and fats and lipids don’t.  Now this is pretty self-explanatory but if you think about it, I have been ingesting maybe 200 grams of Protein a day for the past month or so and I used to ingest around 120 grams of protein.  Now sure you use Carbohydrates for energy but if you have too much in your body at one time then it will get used as fat and that’s about it.

Protein – apart from calcium – is the only substance that increases your weight and builds your body at the same time.  Fat increases your weight but not your strength or body.  Too many carbohydrates just turn to fat.  Now obviously the more you run around in the day the more you need carbohydrates but, if you eat enough carbohydrates enough times a day eating small portions, you will stay in an Anabolic State and not a Catabolic state, and as long as you are in this state I advise you (or me rather) to take more protein than you can usually intake.  But only when you feel Anabolic, which is when you feel like you could lift 100 pounds on the Barbell Curls.

If you only ingest 200 grams of protein a day most of that will get used to build up muscles worked out that day and previous days, but if you have not had enough carbs at a particular time of day and you are depleted, you will be in a catabolic state and protein will be used as energy, so most of the protein you eat will be used as a building source for muscles.

Now out of that 200 grams, 20-30 grams of protein will be used for other purposes so you will be left with 180 grams to build muscle, and this is only done when you sleep.  Although protein does get stored in muscle waiting for when you go to sleep so it can proceed to fix the muscle.  Therefore, it is better to eat more protein before you go to sleep.  Now, muscle will only use up as much protein as they need to build up the muscle that has been taxed.  The less taxed a muscle has been the less protein it needs to build it back up and over the weight you pushed previous.  It’s like an immunity.  The more weight you push the more Protein is needed to heal it, and the more immune your muscles are to that degree of weight in which you used to tire the muscle.

But, getting back to the protein synthesis part; if you ate 200g of Protein and 180 grams was being used to build muscle, you would be building 1.26 Kilos of muscle in a week, 2.8 pounds of weight gone up in a week.  That isn’t counting losing muscle when you diet or when you do aerobics.  If you gain over a kilo a week you would be gaining 63 Kilos a year.  That turns out to be around 140 pounds.  Now everyone knows that cannot humanly happen, at least in this age of time anyway. The most you could gain in a year would be maximum 50 pounds, but I’m just guessing what a professional bodybuilder could gain.

So why is it that you can eat 200 grams (or for the pros close to 600-1,000 grams) of Protein daily but you can’t gain that much in a day?  METABOLICS!  That might be the answer we are looking for.  If your metabolic rate is slower than others you might not be able to build muscle as fast as others, but even the fastest metabolic rate cannot gain 100 pounds in a year of pure muscle.

It remains a mystery to me for now until I delve into this a bit more.  A lot of factors are needed in protein synthesis and muscle regeneration and you also have to have the right amounts of amino acids to build different chains of muscles.  Growth hormone is also an important factor in muscle synthesis.

Meal Plan (7)

Enough of that for now.  Let’s get to what I ate today.

Meal One: 125g Pasta Twists, Milkshake, Vitamin C Tablet.
Meal Two: 450g Potatoes, 5 Pieces Chicken, Vitamin C tablet.
Meal Three: Rice cake sandwich, Milkshake, 300 grams Yogurt.
Meal Four: Rice and Mince Beef, 6 eggs.
Meal Five: 4 pieces toast, carrots, Milkshake, Vitamin C tablet.


Calories: 4323
Carbohydrates: 349.2 grams 35.9% of Calories
Fat: 47.25 grams 10.9% of Calories,
Protein: 518 grams 53.2% of calories.

Muscle Gains

I went to the gym after the first meal today.  I can still feel my chest hurting and my glutes also hurt.  As usual my quads hurt when I flex them.  I can’t feel my back that much yet.

I forgot to say that I gained 1cm onto my height in the last month or so and that’s without my shoes on.  I also weighed myself 2 days ago and weighed 70.7 Kilo’s.  I gained half a pound of weight since I last measured about a week ago.

After this week I hope to jump from 70.7 Kilos to 72 Kilos.  That is almost a three-pound weight gain.  That’s what I hope to achieve.

I also hope to improve my personal best for Bench Press, Barbell Curl, Leg Press and T bar Row by about 5 pounds each this coming week.

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