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April 10, 1996


Today I got up a bit late for Skillshare and Emma and Jeff were there today.  Emma was paying a bit of attention today to Jeff, and was sticking around him a bit more than usual.

Meal Plan

I didn’t have much of a Food Intake day today.  My breakfast was a banana and my lunch was a banana also.  I got to eat some more and I will have eaten up to 3,000 calories today making 10% fat and 45% each for protein and carbs.

Gym Session (Legs)

Today I trained the Legs and the Abs.  This is what I did at the Gym today.

Warm-up: For a warm-up I got on the bike and done 5 minutes and lost 30 calories.

After that I went and stretched my Quads by holding my leg behind my back and then I did the normal Hamstrings stretches for about 2 stretches for a count of 10, then I did some stretches for the calves and I did each leg for a count of 10 also.

Quadriceps: My first exercise was the Leg Extension and I did 3 sets.  My first set was a warm up and I had 40 pounds on and I done 15 reps slowly and controlled and contracting at the top and not resting at the top of the movement and then when I thought I was getting flushed I did another 5 quick reps.  My second set was with 70 pounds and I done 15 reps with that weight.  My last set was with 100 pounds and I did another 12 reps.

My next exercise was the Leg Press and I did 3 sets starting with the usual 80 pounds.  Now I started to feel weak and as if I didn’t want to do too much weight today but I ended up doing the normal amount.  I did 15 reps with this weight and then I went up to 160 pounds and I did another 12 reps on that.  I then went up to 240 pounds my usual heavy weight and then I done 12 more reps and I was burning a bit.

My next and last exercise for the Quads was Seated Vertical Leg Press.  I used the Stack of 200 pounds for the 3 sets and I did 15 reps each set with Legs Straight for the first set and 20 reps, Legs out for 15 reps and, Lets In and low on the Bar for 15 reps.  Now this last exercise was done after I did my abdominals.

Abdominals: I did 6 sets all up.  My first set was Crunches and I did 20 reps.  I paused for 30 seconds and then I done another 20 reps.

I then moved to the Cable Crunches and I started with 35 pounds and I did 15 reps.  I then jumped to 45 pounds and done another 15 reps and then I dropped weight to 40 pounds and I done another 15 reps but slower and more contracting.

I moved back to the Crunches and did another 20 reps and as soon as I started I felt the Abs after the Cable Crunches.

Hamstrings: I don’t usually do Abs second but I thought it was necessary to push out the toxins in my Stomach and get rid of the bad feel I had today.  It worked a bit because for the Hamstrings I did 9 sets.

I started with Lying Leg Curls and I started with 40 pounds as a warm up (after long stretches for the Hamstrings) and I done 20 reps with this weight.  I then jumped up to 50 pounds and I did another 15 more reps and I started to feel it in the back of the Hamstrings.  For the last five reps I lifted my chest off the support so I could work the upper tie of the Hamstrings more.

My next set was with a record 70 pounds and I did 8 full reps and I cheated up another 2 more reps.  I then moved to the Standing Leg Curl and my legs couldn’t adjust to this exercise to quickly because of the heavy weight on the lying version.  After some more stretching my hamstrings were still tense so I started with 10 pounds and I did 10 reps for each leg and found it easier on the left leg today.  My next set I was a bit looser and I did 10 more reps and once again it easier on the left leg.

My next set while waiting for the Seated Leg Curl was back on the Lying version and I done one more set with 40 pounds on the stack for 15 reps but I kept my chest off the support for almost all of the reps.  I then did 3 sets on the Seated Leg Curl and my first set was with 70 pounds and I done 15 reps.  My next set was with 100 pounds and I did 15 more reps and I found it was pretty easy.  My last set was with 130 pounds and I thought I would only do 15 reps but the pain felt so good that on my fifteenth rep I hammered out another ten reps to make it 25 reps.

It was a good pain I felt and that’s why I feel the hamstrings are the best body part for me to train.  Not the best on Rewards and not the most motivated of my body-parts but the better body-part to train and the better the feel in the movements.

Warm-Down: I done 5 minutes on the bike and burnt off 20 more calories.

Night Routine

I’m going to do some typing practice and see how good I am getting and then I am going to do some stretches in the splits and then maybe some reading and watch Letterman.  Then I am going to sleep.

Heart Rate:  71 Beats

It is now 11:13 pm and that means time to sign off for today.  One more thing; I tried to call Keith today but his phone was off and he is a dog.

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