Meal Plan

April 1, 1996

WordPerfect 5.1 Course

Today is April Fool’s Day and the first day of the month.  I used it by getting up at 8:00 a.m.  in the morning and going to The WordPerfect 5.1 course at Skillshare and I found out I have to go Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and  Wednesday’s from 9 am to 4 p.m.

Well at lunch time I saw Keith and Imad outside driving the car and I stopped off and talked to them, which gave me good chances with a woman called Emma that is doing the course and she is about 18, but if she is over 19 years old then I have no chance with her.

I spent most of today looking at her legs but I still exceeded my work and did well.

Home Rest

When I came back home I ate because I hadn’t eaten properly for the day.  Then I went to sleep.

I just woke up and have time to go to the Gym but I am going to have a rest until tomorrow.

Meal Plan (6)

This is what I am going to eat today regardless, I just am going to eat it.

Meal One: Nutri grain, Pasta twists, Vitamin C tablet.
Meal Two: 600g Potatoes, 250g carrots, 150g Fish fried, Vitamin tablet.
Meal Three: Spaghetti (200g), Quik Milkshake, 600g Chicken.
Meal Four: 8 eggs, Quik milkshake, 500g Peas, Vitamin C tablet.


Calories: 4160
Carbohydrates: 436.2 grams 42.8% of Calories
Fat: 45.45 grams 10% of Calories,
Protein: 481 grams 47.2% of calories.


Well I’m off now to have a shower and then Keith should be coming at about 8:00 pm to pick me up so we can go out.  He’ll have two girls in the car so that’ll be interesting.

Author: 钨宝

The author of Diary Of A Mad Chaos from 1996 to 2018, The Lost Years book, Wubao In China (猎艳奇缘) book series, and Foreigner (华人) an exploration of race relations in Australia. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Macedonian, and English, the author currently resides in China, Guangzhou where he continues to make comparative analysis of the cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies.

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