East vs West

Saturday, March 9, 1996

Well, this is my first actual entry into the Journal.

healthAs a start I will record my Heart Rate for beats per minute and it will be done every day until I can get a reading on my resting heart beat so I can know if I am over-trained when I wake up and whether to work out or not on that day.

Heart Rate: 48 beats

But I am not relaxed so it doesn’t matter.

Yesterday I started my first Solarium Tan where I tanned for 30 minutes in the nude and got a pretty good color on my skin.  I will do it again on Monday.  I have already booked it.  I hope to get a good tan so I can feel better about my body.  I also believe that if I get a good tan it will increase my muscle mass by some way I don’t understand yet, but I will soon enough.

Nothing much to say any more for now except that I am sleepy and I can type 30-40 words per minute.

Cya… for now

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