East vs West

March 27, 1996

Well, tonight was a night and I had a good time.

William’s House

First thing I did was that I went to William’s house and Wolf and Clayton and Brock and his woman were there.  We played handball for about 3 hours.

Pavlina asks to Meet Kathryn

After that I got a call from Pavlina and she just “Wanted to say Hi?” And then she got onto the topic of wanting to meet Shannon and that’s when I went Skitso and fucked her up over the phone.  I rarely get skitso with a girl but Pavlina is a bitch and she plays with people’s minds.

I told her that if she gave me a good reason why she would want to see Kathryn then I’d let her see her, but I know that she just wants to measure herself up to Kathryn, and that’s sad knowing that she knows the circumstances of me and Kathryn.

I’m thinking of fucking her up by letting her meet Kathryn and see how much more beautiful, sophisticated, sexier and how much smarter Kathryn is compared to Pavlina.  In fact, I wouldn’t even compare Kathryn to Pavlina because Kathryn is too much out of her league to even be compared with Pavlina.  Personally I couldn’t give a fuck about Pavlina since she could be a fuck-wit bitch and ruin it somehow for me and Kathryn, but I’ve got more sinister ways of getting back at Pavlina if that ever does happen.

To Rory’s House with Imad and Keith

After that call I went to phone Imad to tell him about it.  He was going to meet Keith so I called Keith and they came over.  Imad got a driving lesson from Keith and after that, Keith and I went to Rory’s house to try and sort out the problem with him and Mandy.  I think it didn’t get through Rory’s head.

So that’s how I got to write this.

Motivated to Train

I have to figure out what I am eating tomorrow and how I will be working out because my triceps and chest still ache and I think I taxed them heaps!  I have to work that intensely next training session and I will.

I will work the shoulders, triceps and forearms tomorrow so I’ll see how much I am hurting.  If I hurt too much I might end up exercising my back on that day, which might be a better move.

I will try to eat at least 3000 calories tomorrow or maybe a bit more.  Now I don’t think we have enough meat until the end of the fortnight but I might be able to suffice with it.  Today’s meals will consist of this.

Meal Plan

Calories 2000
Protein: 124 grams 25.3%
Fat: 7.4 grams 3.4%
Carbs: 348.8 grams 71.3%


Meal One: Nutri Grain,  1 banana,  100g Mushrooms,  Orange Juice, A Vitamin C tablet (250 grams).
Meal Two: Pasta twists (colored), 200g Yogurt, orange Juice, Vitamin C.
Meal Three: 1 Banana, 1 Piece of Fish (250g), Orange Juice.
Meal Four: 3-4 Potatoes, orange Juice.
Meal Five: Rice Cracker Sandwich (Tomatoes, alfalfa, mushrooms, ham, lettuce) Milkshake,  (grapes + Ice cream), 7 Boiled Eggs, Vitamin C.

Heart Rate: 63 Beat

I just measured that.

It is time for me to go to sleep and get up at 10:00 am tomorrow for the meeting for the computer program I am to learn.

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