East vs West

March 23, 1996

Last night I went to sleep about 2:30 am and woke up at 1:00 pm so I think eleven hours is too much time to go to sleep for.

Heart Rate: 56 beats

This was done once I woke up.

Today wasn’t much of a day.  I felt pretty unenergetic today.  Not much I did today anyway.

Soccer with Pari and Osama

I saw Pari and Osama, today, not at gym but they came to my house today because the guy at the gym (who I told to tell Pari I was going to see him) told him.  So he came over.  I missed him by 10 minutes but then I met up with them when I went to look for them.  We played Soccer all day.  (Obviously that’s what we do when we are with Osama).

I told Pari that I’d see him on Monday when he trained about 3:00 pm or about four.

Apart from that I’ve just been resting all day.

Heart Rate: 67 beats

I just took that now.  My heartbeat is pretty strong today so I’m glad about that.

I’ll have my workout done before 2:00 pm and then I’ll go see Pari before I go and get my tan done.

Sleep Plan

I moisturized my skin again today and it feels good that I’ve got it on me.  I’m going to do my stretches tonight and I might do some Breathing exercises too.  I will try to get to sleep at 2:00 am.  I might not because I might be doing computer work or something to get me out of it.  I don’t feel like going to sleep earlier tonight.

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