East vs West

March 22, 1996

Last night I went to sleep at 2:30 a.m. but after tossing and turning I went to sleep on the floor at about 4:15 a.m.  I still got up at 11:00 am, so every day I’ve gone to sleep so far (the last two days) I’ve got my sleeping and waking up down by about 2 hours.

Kathryn’s Letter

Today when I got up, I found a letter on the ground.  It was from Kathryn.  All was pretty good until the bit where she says she’s going out with other people, but I’m all right with that because it’s her life and I can’t let alone, want to interfere with her life.  If when she comes back she wants to get back together (which it most probably will) then we will GET BACK TOGETHER and do it ten times a day (it’s the law in my house).

PC Learning Centre

After that I went and got my money and went to the PC Learning Centre for an hour.  I learnt a bit of spreadsheets and databases and how to use Lotus 1-2-3.  I did my Typing Speed and got 41 words per minute with 99% accuracy but that should have been 100% accuracy except for some mistake with the computer.  I was proud of that so I am more self-confident on how I will go for in a job.

A Solarium Visit

I also went to the solarium and got a tan for 35 minutes.  I bought 5 sessions for the price of 6 sessions so it’s cheaper and better on my pocket.  With the money spare I bought a moisturizing lotion and a muscle magazine.

I’ll be going to the solarium 3 times a week and to the PC Learning Centre twice a fortnight.  The PC place lets me put my lessons on layby.  If I don’t have money I can get the Lesson for free but I have to pay in the long run.

Shoe Loan

I might use that so I can buy my shoes.  I might be able to use my brother’s new shoes.  I don’t really want to but it seems I might have to.  He is going for his one and a half-month holiday to jail to pay off his fines, so I might be able to use them.

Today was a pretty good day but my legs are still aching from yesterday because I haven’t had enough calcium in my bones.

Now I’m going to have a shower, shave, brush my teeth, and then apply the moisturizer to my skin.  I might go look for a job on Monday.  Have to see about that.

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