East vs West

March 18, 1996

Stolen Newspapers

Early Sunday morning about 2:30 am I stole newspapers from the back of the newspaper shop in Bradbury.  I thought I was bored at home so I put all Adidas gear on and went out searching for the paper.  Then when I got home Keith was down the street in his car about to go in to my house, so I pulled up beside him on my bike and we went for a ride.

Imad and Keith Come Over

Well Sunday morning, this morning, I got woken up about 1:00 pm by Imad and Keith who came to my house for about 10 minutes and then left to go for an L’s lesson in Keith’s car.  Keith charged him $10 for the lesson though.

Bonding with Brother

After that I helped fix my brothers car which he is probably giving to me.  We were fixing the Carbie but have to get it done this afternoon.

Nina Comes Over

Nina also came over Sunday Afternoon and brought over some CD’s.  She’s going back out with Michael, He’s a sad case.

Visit Johnnie

I also went to Johnnie’s house and found out he has got a new woman.  Her name is Kylie and from what I’ve heard from him she is a nice woman for him who is very beautiful and likes Johnnie (obviously) and he’s finally gonna get his first lay, Onya Sonya.

Visit Maura

I also saw Maura and she was doing fine too.  She found my tape cover that I leant to her with a tape in it but she lost it again, so I have to go up there when she finds it again.

Keith came tonight to tell me Mandy and her man aren’t going out with each other anymore, and he’s in for a chance.  I might even get to meet Joe, a girl that is supposed to be hot.

Fitness Checks

Heart Rate: 68 Beats

My heart rate has been up for about a week or so now.  It must be from the neck and not working out.

Johnnie and I now think the problem is due to a Squat that we done when training together.  I done a set of squats with a warm-up weight and it hurt my neck so that could be it.  I’ll wait till I get results to see what the problem is.

I felt pretty good today and I had a bit of energy to use and I still feel good now.  It must be the spaghetti that I ate about an hour ago.

I’m going to do my splits tonight and some heavy breathing Exercises.  I’m going pretty well with the splits and I think I’m going to do almost a full stretch today.

Tomorrow Plan

When I wake up I’m going to look for a job, get a tan, ho see Johnnie and that’s about all I can think of now.

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