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March 13, 1996

Well I didn’t go to the CES interview and although I didn’t do that I’ve had a great day today metabolically.

Meal Plan

I’ve had a stable food plan that will give me 185 Grams of Protein, 50 Grams of Fat and 386.5 grams of carbohydrates.  Also 2857 Calories; 877 mg of Calcium; 225 Mg of Vitamin A; and about 200-300 Mg of Vitamin C.  This was done in 5 meals through the day.

Meal One: 400g Yogurt, Orange Juice, and a banana.
Meal Two: 200g Spaghetti, 1 Banana and, Orange Juice.
Meal Three: 4 Potatoes (600g), beefsteak cooked, 100g of Yogurt, Orange Juice, Some Grapes.
Meal Four: Sandwich (with Beetroot, tomatoes, 100-150g Tuna, butter), 1 Banana, Orange Juice.
Meal Five: Banana, 500g Blend of Carrots, Peas, Corn and Broccoli.


The Solarium

Now I went to get a tan today around 3:30 p.m. even before I went to the Gym.  I was pretty uncomfortable on their pillow while baking.  So I think that might be the reason that my neck hurts.  I’ll just have to see the Doctor tomorrow and she’ll probably give me some anti-inflammatories or something.

Exercise Routine

Now my work out today was good except for the one thing.  I got that nagging pain in the back of my neck while doing Dumbbell Bench-press so I did some less painful exercises and it didn’t hurt so much.  My Routine for Today…

Warm Ups: I warmed up on an exercise bike for 3 minutes.

Then I did some light weight reps on Dumbbell Bench Press with 20 pounders.

I also done Peck Deck on 40 pounds for a warm up each doing one set and then I stretched my arms in stretches.

Pectorals: I started with Dumbbell Bench press and done 3 sets of this each for about 10-12 reps.  First set was with 40 pounders and I done 12 with that.  Then I did 50 pounds for 10 reps and that’s when I started to feel the pain a bit.  My last set was for 10 reps of 60 pounds on each Dumbbell hitting the Chest with 120 pounds on Dumbbells.

I felt I had to do lighter or at least weights that didn’t stress my neck so I ended up doing Machine Incline Press for maybe two sets with no real stress on my behalf.  I went up to 120 pounds again for about 5 reps but I stopped because of my neck.

I then did some Peck Deck for Three sets.  Going up to 70 pounds.

After that I started to get serious again and done some Pullovers first warming up with about 20 pounds and then doing three sets up to 40 pounds and doing 15 Strict reps on the last set.

I then went to Dips to do some Decline Chest exercises and I hammered out 10 Reps on the Dips not particularly concentrating on form but I was concentrating.

After that set I went to the Supported Dips where the more weight you have on the machine the more it helps you out.  Well, I done two sets on this going up to the help of 80 pounds but it made it too easy.

So I went to the Benches and got ready for Close Grip Benches for my inner Chest.  I did Three sets.  The first was a kind of warm up of 40 pounds and I did 12 reps.  Then I went on to 60 pounds and done 10 reps and I warmed down with 40 pounds.

I wanted to do another Chest Exercise but although I was still Pumped I thought it would be best not to do another Chest exercise because I might go into the Over-training factor.

Abdominals: Now this wasn’t easy either.  My first exercise was crunches as usual and I thought that after counting to about 15 I would just go until I couldn’t go any more, so I done about 34 reps and stopped.  I done another set of about 20 reps and conked out again.  I think I went to the Cable Crunch machine.  Yeah I did and I hammered out 10 reps to each side for the Obliques with 40 or so pounds.  Then I done some Low Ab Crunches for 7 reps (Pretty sad eh?), then another 7 reps (Sadder eh!!!).  After that humility I went and done some Cable Ab Crunches for 10 reps on about 45 pounds.
Warm-Down: I then got onto the Bike for another 3-4 minutes on slow and low Hill/Weight ratio and I drove slowly and went home.


Drenched, I scarcely drink water at the gym but today saw me drinking for such a long time that the people waiting to have a drink from the bubbler were reading Muscle Magazines.  I think I should go in the Guinness book of Long Drinkers.

It’s now 8:00 pm and my fucken Chest is killing me.  My Triceps are pounding over the work out and it has only been an hour after training, so if I eat right, the rest of the night I am okay.

I also have my Typing Test tomorrow at 10:30 am.  I know I’ll get around 35-40 words per minute done up so I’m hoping for the best.

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