East vs West

March 11, 1996

The Dawn of a new day has come.

When I get up I’m going to work out either the Chest or the Back together with the Biceps.   I will study how I move the weight and what weight I am doing.

Now I am also writing down what I will be getting on Tuesday, when I go shopping with my mum.  Nutritious stuff I hope.  Here is the list I hope to get on Tuesday and with the charts for it.

I will try to take in about 125 grams of Protein at 500 calories.  I’ll also try to get about 250 grams of Carbohydrates at 1000 calories.  Meanwhile I will try to take in about 45 grams of fat at about 400 calories.  I also might be buying some supplements like Vitamin C.

A list like this will take a lot of money to buy, I guess.  But it’ll all work out at the end.

The time now is 3:20 pm.  I am going to start doing heavy breathing exercises.

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