1 Language Exchange Member Match In Jiaoyu Community (交语社区)

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A one-time match with one dedicated language exchange partner from the Jiaoyu Community (交语社区) platform.

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Join our language exchange community for people looking for suitable English-Chinese language exchange partners in China and Abroad.

When your preferences match a dedicated language exchange partner from the Jiaoyu Community (交语社区) platform who shares your study goals, you will both receive each other’s WeChat (微信) contact card.


  • No Limit To Number Of Language Exchange Partners
  • Find Members In Your City Or Travel Destination
  • Gain Real-Time Access To Local Dialects Via Voice/Text
  • Find Language Exchange Partners, Teachers Or Students
  • Find The Best Match For Your Basic/Advanced Language Proficiency Level
  • Participate In Active Language Exchange WeChat Groups
  • Cross-Cultural Learning

To Redeem:

  1. Subscribe with your requests at our online form.
  2. Add Jiaoyu Community (交语社区) on WeChat.
  3. Make payment (微信支付/WeChat Pay)。 
  4. Select a Member(s) from the list.
  5. Receive Member(s) WeChat contact card(s).
  6. Enjoy membership to WeChat Language Exchange Groups。

Conditions: We have hundreds of Chinese/English members from all around the world.  All matches are made with your input.


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